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November 03, 2005


But it is the First Sentence.

(Thanks to Nina Eppes)


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hmm...I never quite understood edible underwear in general, but beef?...hmm. quite disturbing, really.

*Warning* Not recommended for dog owners.

I think those guys at Reuters have been spending a little too much time in front of the Wall of Breasts.

ground beef panties. panties ? By a company called Quaker ? Sick sick world.

Exactly what were the Amish doing eating beef flavored underwear? And they seemed so modest under those bonnets.

So, the pork panties are still okay?

ground beef panties!

Do those come with cheese?

Not ground tuna?

I read the sentence too fast and didn't notice the mistake. (I hope it's a mistake!) Then when I read the posts, I didn't get it. Now that I've re-read it, I understand. I think. If it is a mistake.

Rare please...

Blaa blaa

Props to Nina!! Nice catch. (Something about getting your knickers in a twist...)

How could it be a typo? the n and t keys are quite far away from each other?
Maybe just one of those spell check things....

I was going to write a rude comment about beef and fish, but then thought better of it.


"Beef: it's what's for a midnight snack"

Aside from the 'panties' thing, this totally explains every school lunch I've ever eaten: The Amish are jealous and want us to die.

Somewhere N, Maureen - Quakers ain't Amish! Large difference!

1. Gourmet Home Style Beef Panties? Yet another reason to (or not to) be vegetarian.

2. Yesterday at the supermarket I noticed Mint Tingle condoms. Guess that's dessert.

1. Dave Barry went to a Quaker college.

2. My hubby went to a Quaker high school.

3. When we lived back East, we went to a Quaker meetinghouse (what Quakers call their churches) every Sunday.

4. Lots of interesting people are Quakers.

5. Come to think of it, I think the first sentence may not be a typo.

Well, there not getting my beef panties back without a fight, dammit....

Whoops! They took them when I wasn't looking....


My dad always told me to be careful of beef panties you never know what your going to get.

Isabelle, I tried your link, your "brief" case does not exist... Does this mean you're going commando?

My apologies in advance, but:
"Is that a kielbasa in your brisket or are you just happy to see meat?"

Hay, wait a minute, cowboy - didn't something similar get blogged earlier - a cow panty of some kind? An udder-keeper-upper-mahoozit? Now, THAT'S a beef panty! But most cows I know always go cow-mando.

ground beef panties!

Do those come with cheese?

Not if they use Monostat.


When I read your post, I made a sound like I had been punched in the gut. Grossness.

In a way, this is a compliment. In another way, it's... ugh...

Does anyone want to know that Richard "Richard" Nixon of US Presidential fame was a Quaker? Does that make this all too sick?

Annie w-b-h ... BRAVISSIMO! Great puns! I salute you!

ALDentist -- I gnu that ... the fact that "Tricky Dickie" Nixon was (raised as) a Quaker ... however, he also served in the military during WW2 ... so, that makes the "strength of his convictions" somewhat suspect ... p'haps that why he resigned ... he was afraid of conviction ...?

[BTW: I stand -- well, I'm sitting now, but you know (not no) whut I mean -- corrected ... my little bitty motel in the little bitty town has WIRELESS!!! ... whicvh means y'all hasn't excaped me yet ... just FYI, in case anyone was celebrating my eariler post that said I'd prolly not be back 'til ... whenever ...]

I hereby nominate that first sentence for Best Typo Ever. EVER.

insomniac and slyeyes ~ "snork"
U.O. ~ glad to read ya!

You know what? If they can make a wall of breasts, I'll be goshdarned if in fifty years I won't be able to get my undies at the deli. It's a liberated world out there! Breasts on the wall, walrus penis bones reporting the weather, witches robbing banks... why should I be held back from having a little meat in my trousers?

Sally --

Back when I was in the "newspaper" bidness, our state had a category at the annual convention named "The Devil Made Me Do It" ...

Devoted to typos, and other (always embarrassing) mistakes ...

The ORIGINAL one happened at the paper I worked for at the time ... the boss's wife wrote an article about an Artist in Residence, there for the summer theatre program ...

When that issue came out (it's a weekly paper), I read it, as usual ... I found this HORRENDOUS mistake, that no one had caught ... I told the boss about it the next day ...

"Oh, No ..." he said, knowing how his wife would react ...

She walked in, and we told her ...

"Oh, NO ..." she said ... "Well, maybe nobody will notice ..." she wished ...

HAH! (to coin a phrase)

I had kin from Ohio to California writing me and calling me and laughing (ROTFLTAO-type) about it ...

THE ORIGINAL MISTAKE: (as closely as I can recreate it)

"blah, blah, blah ... and Mr. so-and-so earned his BA at such-and-such University, and his Master of Fine Farts Degree ..."

I Am Not Making This Up!

(The only thing better than NOT making this error myself, was that I was the one to discover it ...

HOWever, I gotta admit, I had a few beauties in my 17 years in the bidness, also ...

Another one, by a co-worker:

Feature story, older gentleman, rancher, lived on the farm with his brother ...

She wrote about his memories, and some of the things he did all those years, besides ranching and growing crops ... and his hobbies ...

Taxidermy, was one of them ... he'd do it in the winter, when ranch/farm work was less time-consuming ...

PHOTO CUTLINE: Pix of a beaver, caption said: "During his lifetime, Johnny mounted several beavers."

I saw the cutline when proofing, but it sailed right thru my brain (?) and didn't stick ...

That's the way it ran ... and no one noticed it until publication ...

Wowser! (Great gal and still a good friend, she just chose her phraseology a little carelessly that day)

When she left the job to do something else, we had a going-away party.

We bought her the beaver.

She put a pink ribbon around its neck and kept it in her new office.

She named him "Mountie" ...

Newspaper bidness can be fun ... if you can laugh at yourself and your mistakes ...

Sorry this took so long ... hope it wasn't too much of a strain ...

JP - Preach on, brother!! Testify!

U.O - GREAT story!!

Okay, so there is nothing more to be said about the "typo." My first reaction, before I noticed the "typo" was "That's a WHOLE lotta cow!" Or maybe it was, "94,400 punds of beef? OMGWTFBBQ!"

U.O - Fabulous stories. Thank you so much for sharing them.

I just received my MFA this fall. Master of Fine Farts indeed. I'll have to share that with my fellow alums and former classmates.

To inject a note of reality here, 'n' and 't' are in fact adjacent if you are (like me) using the Dvorak key layout. But that still doesn't exactly explain the typo, if you keep thinking about it, which I, having no life, did.

And while I'm here, could I order a few pair of extra-lean?

what a riotous typo....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am soooo still asleep and need my caffine IV that I had to read the sentence three times before I got it.

{Mmmmmm. Coffee.}

Bring a whole new meaning to the two old ladies in the tv commercial "Where's the beef?"

I don't think Dave (Wendy's fame) ever had this in mind!

I rather wear a ground beef bra than a panty.

Great stories, U.O. Thanks for sharing...

Being a recovering journalist myself, my favorite typo actually appeared in a classified ad in the paper where I worked. The ad was for a house for sale. It contained all the usual stuff...4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, so many square feet, blah blah blah.

Then at the end of the ad, it mentioned that the house also featured a "party-sized dick." No one ever noticed it, and those exact words ran in the paper. When it finally DID come to someone's attention, it took them a few minutes to realize that it was supposed to be a "party-sized deck."

Needless to say, the ad ran again in corrected form, and the person who placed it didn't have to pay for the ad. (It always raised the question in my mind - how big IS a party-sized dick? And would mine qualify? I'd like to think so...)

*resists urge to make comments about parties on his 'member' - suffice to say they've been enjoyable ones*

Reminds me of a jingle!

Two all beef panties, special sauce...OK, I'll stop here, I'm starting to gross myself out.

we know what was on the writer's mind anyway. where's freud for this one?

Old (really old_ joke punchline ...

Never mind the hotdog ...

Another typo:

A school I know of in Nodak ordered new letterhead stationery ... which said, in part:

**************** Pubic School, **************,

It was about six months of being used for ALL mailings and stuff, before anyone noticed ...

I Am Not Making This Up, Either!

As long as my meat helmet is safe...

scott, think "cocktail weenie"

Sorry about the failure to close italics ... tnx Leetie

Did anyone tryied torrents? awesome....can anyone rocemmend tracker for the stuff on this torrent?

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