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November 18, 2005


We report; you decide.¹

¹Also, please decide which would be a better name for a rock band: Gutsy Radish or Decapitated Radish?

(Thanks to you; yes, you there, with the computer.)


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My FIRST vote would be for Gutsy Radish.

Hey, it was ME that sent this in!! Yay for me! I finally got something blogged.

Personally I am all for lobster rights but I am strongly against vegetable lobby groups.

where was Kikkoman when the radish needed him?

hey - i sent this in yesterday!

gutsy decapitated radish sounds like a gnfarb, but decapitated gutsy radish works too.

"Daikon Radish" gets my vote for GNFARB. Not that it was a contender.

since you asked: Gutsy Radish Takes Japan

"Japan Brought To Its Knees By Decapitated Radish!! Film at Eleven!!!"

OK, I'm thinkin' these people fall squarely into the "get a life" category

also - I vote for the write-in candidate "Daikon Radish"

Daikon radishes make excellent pickles. "The Pickled Radish" wbagnfa British pub.

Judi--wat TYPE of rock?

insom: You have a very high snork-to-post ratio.

Gutsy Radish sounds more like the lead singer of a band called Headless Daikon Pickle.

No wait, Gutsy Radish could be the extroverted member of a girl band called the Daikon Girls. No?

qbee: I sent it in yesterday, too. Maybe judi's thanking BOTH of us. :)

The Daikon Pickles? The Root Girls? The Pavement? The . . . nevermind.

Headless Daikon Pickle - i think this is really the best nfarb, thank you jcfj. i once had the misfortune to eat a piece of daikon. ewww. i cant imagine that pickling it would make it any better.

in a different setting, maybe the 'daikonettes' would work too. most people dont know what daikon is anyway, so they might think it was the name of a town or something!!
kim chee and the daikonettes. just a thought.

and, our suggested posts musta got lost in cyberspace yesterday, suzy..

And why was the radish so gutsy? Why do we always romanticize criminals and "bad" boys? Although I don't advocate vigilante violence, it was a squatter on city property and should have been thrown in prison or given a ticket.

what part of "you, yes, you there with the computer" sounds like it eliminates ANYONE who sent this in? the whole point was EVERYONE sent it in. some yesterday, some today, some wednesday. i don't blog every item the very instant it comes in. trust me on this. i don't have time. there are items months old that i've never looked at. i keep saying this but still people seem to get upset about it. and i really really really really really really really really wish you wouldn't.

*places a chocolate donut and a diamond (just in case) in front of Judi and slowly backs away....*

judi - you havent had much of a vacation this year, what with the hurricanes and all, right? thanking the bloggers for attribution of the post is just one of those things around here, like shouting FIRST!. ..... nobody expects you to attribute everybody. chill out girl. take walter, and go to a different climate. its cold here in new york. you've had enough 'tropical' clime. uh, dave does give you vacation time, doesnt he????

some people traveled back in time and sent this to you on Wednesday before the article was posted?

i can kinda see why they're upset they weren't credited.

*loves a beer to judi*

this is going to make such a heartwarming disney movie when the radish makes its' comeback.

and judi dear, breathe. then try tequila shots.

Boy, you can sure tell when Mercury goes retrograde, can't you?

Can a CBS Made-for-TV movie be not far behind?

How about the Gutsy Radish Pretenders? A good name for not only a rock band of Farmers, but most of the the members of Congress.

attack of the killer radish beheaders?

upset?? I wasn't upset. Really.

*scooches over a bottle of wine and some chocolate to judi*

I was thinking (as I was reading - who knew you could do that?) about sending judi a xanax, but I've decided to stay out of this totally.

Except to say:


*zips back in*

AND - judi, I thought your "thank you" was very clever!!!!

*zips out*

"People discouraged by tough times were cheered by its tenacity and strong will to live."

Judi obviously was not one of those people.

In homage to Judi - "Banana Sling Radish" wbagnfarb....was that out loud?

Annie WBH - Yes, yes it was. I hate it when I do that.

Him: I just drank that new vegetable soda and now my throat's sore.

Her: Was it radish?

Him: Yeah, it is a little inflamed, too!

Insom - good one.
A guitarist and a philosopher were at a nudist camp. The philosopher asked the guitarist, "Have you read Marx?"
The guitarist replies, "Yes, I think they're from the chairs."

*loves judi a flamethrower*

There ya go. Have at. :)

I think a better name for a rock band would be (ITABNFARBWB) Asphalt Radish


uh, elle?

i thought we all agreed judi wasn't to have flamethrowers anymore, you know, after the whole, uh, flamethrower incident?

I travelled to Japan, planted a daikon radish, got a whole town in an uproar, secretly chopped it's head off, and wrote the newspaper article about it. And THEN I sent it in to judi. So I *know* she was talking about ME and JUST ME.

judi and the flamethrower incident wbagnf a Very Special Episode of Scrubs.

Mr. Completly - Remember, retrograde is only an apparant thing, the planet just continues on as it always has.

*knows he is way late, but customers think they deserve his attention just because they spent money*

Okay, the freaky part is that I am not making this up:

I will go on the record as admitting to once having had a love affair with a dandelion.

It popped its little head between the cracks of a building and walkway make entirely of brick. This also happened to be the designated smoking section of the area where I worked. As the only person on the planet that still dared to smoke on the campus of an institution of higher learning, me and this dandelion had quite a number of conversations.

He/she grew big and strong and even spread out those little green dandelion leaves. I told her/him how proud I was of his/her ability to survive against all odds and how wonderful it was that she/he didn't conform to normal dandelion standards of just being content to grow in the middle of a highly paid for patch of St. Augustine grass.

Then, one day, my dandelion was no more. All that was left were bits of grass and leaves where The Evil Weed Eater had left his destructive mark. And I was sad. I often looked at the place where my dandelion once stood, strong and proud, and told myself that one day, I'm sure, his or her descendant will rise again.

What kind of sadist kills the only living thing on a concrete expanse of 1000 square feet? That little weed wasn't hurting anybody. It wasn't like he as going to seed and take over the complex. Attack of the Killer Dandelions?

I hope whoever chopped the radish suffers from a severe bout of food poisoning for 8 days before dying a slow, painful death.

PS: Why is my professor posing as Judi? This can't be the real Judi. No way.

Three deep breaths, in and out, in and out, in and out. There. Doesn't that feel better.

sounds like Judi would benefit from sharing a parfait with Willie - but then again, who wouldn't?

[DISCLAIMER: this post is meant to be humorous and not in any way derogatory, insulting, or irritating to anyone, least of all to Judi - anyone that does not achieve the desired affect, that is, to experience humor, or that is as a result of said post degraded, insulted, or irritated, or any combination of these, please feel to ignore said post, or, in the alternative, please direct all angry and/or irrational e-mails to Ivory Bill, who should by now be used to receiving the same. End of Disclaimer]

After reading this thread I have developed a new personal care product to be called the Daikon Shield. Look for it soon at a pharmacy near you.

Jacki - thanks for that extremely swell linkage. And thanks to judi for originally sharing that awesome post.

Stupe Man - good one,but just the pharmacy? IMO, you never know where it'll turnip.

damn - I thought we were all done with Art and his banana sling - and his banana, for that matter

My respect for Art can be summed up in 2 words -
bikini wax.

Of course you must realize that just proves that Art's gay (NTTAWWT) - no straight guy would endure a bikini wax, considering it involves sudden and painful removal of hair from the groinal area - we just don't got it in us.

TCK - that is definitely hitting below the belt.

Butt you're right....sigh.

Sorry Annie, but it had to be done - doesn't mean you can't still ogle him tho...

Gee, thanks....I hear Carmen Electra is un-hetero (nttawwt). Right back atcha', big guy.

Wait, that doesn't matter to guys, does it...

nope - I know plenty of guys that would pay hard currency (American) to watch Carmen make out with another chick - I also am convinced that Carmen would do it if the paycheck was big enough.

dang, I said "chick" again - if that offends anyone, please refer to the disclaimer attached to my previous post

What about Decapitated Daikonettes? An all hasbeen band. Twitney could be in it and Barry Gibb (with some tight pants for Judi's viewing pleasure), Vanilla Ice, etc.,. There could even be a rotating lineup with viewers having the option to send their (not there) least favorite to the old chopping block and...oh, wait reality check.

Donates bag of truffles from Hershey to the Judi needs a break fund.

maybe RBR should do a benefit concert, with all proceeds goin to Judi's vacation fund

This isn't that uncommon. I've seen Johnny Jump-ups grow out of stone walls before. Plants have a serious will to live.

I sense certain bloggers are mockingly offering chocolate and 'watch-yo-step' words to appease an offended female (in this case, judi). Step lightly, gentlemen - it's a full moon...so margaritas and abject humility are the preferred course.


Who Ate the Dead Decapitated Ravished Radish?

Radishes Kick Asphalt

How to Grow a Street Garden

Edgy Veggie

The Rad Dish

Thanks for asking - I think "Alex" wbagnfarb... as in the "Smart Alex."

Just sayin'

My chocolate offer was of the purest chocoholic offer to help out after all of the hurricane bad weather etc that Judi has gone through in addition to the recent fun late night posts.

Maybe Dave would spring for Judi to go with my class to Italy. It could be a blog special report. Crap cam Italian architecture "wink, wink." Even Italian toilet innovations. Alcohol. Food. Strange cultural customs. Sounds like a business write off to me. Research, research, research. Swarthy Swiss Guards WBAGNFAdaaannce team. Yeah!

Swiss Chocolate...Italian wine...creative camera angle shots of Michelangelo's David. Yee-ha, put the boon on that doggle, Maynard, and call it a day!

Oh, no...it's Friday night...typing solo...if a blog falls in the forest and no one's there (not they're or their) to hear (not here nor there) it, does it make a snork?

No one but a spammer. But I already said "no one," didn't I?

I have hundreds of "weeds" in my driveway, yet I an not cheered by their strong will to live, and for this, I've felt no guilt -- until now. Is their tenacity somehow less inspirational than that of the plucky radish? From now on those weeds are "guest growths," at least until I can think of another euphemism.

I never bother with the weeds. My neighbors hate me, but I shall never be struck by the Guest Growth Gods...

Maybe by a Blizzard, or by a Semi, but never them, EB

Pogo - nuh-uh, it's actually backing up in its orbit, Galileo and laws of physics be damned.

You and I MUST get together for a beer.

Blessed St. Judi ... I did NOT (not knot) send this in ... yet do I get thanked? Nooooooo ...

Just kidding! Trineta cheer you up ... I thot your intro/note/tnx to everyone was quite amusing ... I'd send you some flowers, except someone chopped off all their heads ...

Speaking of which, this is what I do.

My professional job description is "custom applicator" (no, not that kind of "applicator") ... the company unit number (har, I said "unit") of my equipment (HAR! I said "equipment") is ...

8007 ...

Yes, I am agent 007. And, I am licensed to kill ...

Weeds ...

So, with my professional expertise at hand, I'll just suggest that the radish (and the dandelion, and all the others) are just part of nature's way ... they are survivors, and competitors, for space to live ... it is a difficult job to alter nature in a way that gives you a desired result -- without any adverse side-effects -- to wit: a nice green lawn, without any crabgrass, or a crop of vegetables or grain, without any nutrient-robbing weeds ...

... or, a plant (weed) that grows in the cracks of a sidewalk or asphalt, which WILL, in time, damage and/or destroy that growth-inhibiting environment ... this means, more of your highway tax dollars must be spent to repair holes in the pavement, and the city will be billing you for repairs to your sidewalk ... or that you'll be paying a contractor to replace your driveway or patio ...

All this is merely to say that ... anything growing where it is not wanted, is a weed ...

Oh, and that I love Judi, and I hope she's feeling better now ... after my wish to send her virtual beheaded flowers was expressed ...

(Virtual Beheaded Flowers wbagnf ... something?)

living in bee-uu-tie-ful SUNNY southern arizona, on 4 acres of my own personal desert (not dessert!), we have been guilty of wacking the flowers and watering the weeds - cause we have really pretty weeds here. ***hands judi a bouquet a weeds and backs out slowly***

A seed is planted, paved over, germinates, grows, has enough strength in growing to push through highly compacted gravel and toxic tar to reach its leaves heavenward for that glorious ray of sun, only to be lopped off in its moment of glory. It is a great human interest story without interesting humans involved with the exception of said lopper. and Judi of course.

Good point --

We should stop to smell the (figuratively speaking of course, after all, they are weeds) roses ...

THEN we cut their heads off!

Horseradish Overdose...

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