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November 25, 2005


They are very strict.


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You'll notice that story got top billing over one headlined "MYSTERY SHROUDS DEATH OF 3 WOMEN IN COP'S HOUSE." It's no wonder they rarely have any news; they don't know what news is.


Bumble - also lower in the billing, the guy NOMINATED AS HAJ OFFICER seems to be missing a significant portion of his head.

...constructing the third floor in violation of sanctioned plan though he was permitted to build only the ground floor and two floors.

"The ground floor and two floors" - Um, I'm no "architect," but isn't that 3 floors?

Build it and they will come (with crowbars and pickaxe)...

Mysore seems like it is "The Wild West"...Cops with dead women in their house..Buildings being demolished by "lynch" type mobs ...Cow urine being served at the local saloon...It is like an episode of Bonanza written by William Burroughs..

Then at the bottom of the page, key quote:

1,000 school children took out a procession today here to create awareness about the eyecare and eye donation.

Hey, you've got two. Give one to the eye needy.

an episode of Bonanza written by William Burroughs

Great concept, Sean!

"ground floor and two floors"-in the U.S. we call the ground floor the first floor, but in a lot of countries the first floor is the floor above the ground floor. So the third floor is really the fourth storey...maybe they decided to knock the building down because they couldn't decide how to number the elevator buttons.

Sure. He "woke up to make tea" and found his wife's cousin, aunt and daughter dead. Wonder if he just skipped dinner or added "seasoning" to their plates.

Talk about a sudden surge in news worthy articles over there in Mysore.

The ground floor might be the 1st floor in the US, artchick, but here in the country of Florida it varies. My company has 4 buildings all in a row but the elevator button has "G" in one of 'em. WTF?

Gjcjax-Maybe you should knock it down. I'm sure the authorities would understand. Either that, or the next hurricane season should take care of the problem for you.

They ditch their old news very quickly, too. It already says "No updates today" again. Where is this place anyway?

Bumble - in a time zone, far, far away....

Bumble, the place is in South India. Not too far from Bangalore. You do know where Bangalore is, right? That is the city where all the high tech jobs are going...

Hey Dave, why does the link say "No Update Today"?

Sorry, my mistake, that should have read "No Upates Today".

Jeff: they moved it. Just click on the date on the left-side and will take you there.

Jeff - Allow me to be of som assistance.

Now that all the FEMA jobs have been outsourced to India, I can say: "And still FEMA does nothing."

Thanks, Brainy. All I got was "No Upates Today", also.

Uh, Jeff, I just copied and pasted yours. Did you mean to say "No Upates Today", or did you mean "No Updates Today?" :)

I think "Upates" is a type of liquor made from cow pee...

Thanks, Brainy.

No, southerngirl, I did indeed mean "No Upates" because that's how they spelled it.

I too am one of the unfortunates that will receive no upates today.

I kind of feel the same I do after getting a bad fortune cookie...

The building contractor was overheard saying, "Go ahead and keep building. What are they gonna do, come over and knock it down?"

For the "No Updates" crowd: Look to the sidebar on the left for November, 25, 2005, and click the link.

Jeff, sorry, as soon as I saw 'No Upates" I left the page, without really reading it. Mea Culpa.

Here's a fun exercise for all of you who want to know more about Mysore.

prolific lil booger, ain't cha?

(come "out" n play!)

(lotta that goin' `round lately;)


sly~ test what?

Not to get back on thread or anything like that, but where I'm from building code violations are handled with a blindfold and a cigarette.

"When you say,


you've said it all!"

scroll down: 'NEGRO' JOHNNY FETED

key quote:
They were felicitated and given mementos.

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