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November 11, 2005


Herald Hunt participant Brandon Tarver, who for the record did not win the Hunt Sunday, sends this photo, in which I can be seen giving him guidance.



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Chibble, you and I seem to be the only...

I love the look of guidance on your face.

OMG Dave, those shoes almost match your shirt! I was first introduced to this phenomenon by a friend of mine. Now I help him run a monthly sneaker show in SoCal. It's for people who wear cool Nike shoes and color coordinate with their T-shirts.


As for me, I am mostly happy in jeans and a hoody with white high tops, although I now have a pair of "ice cream" Air Force 1s and USC team edition SB Dunks.

photo caption- "Brandon Tarver of Coral Gables, Florida, tries to recollect the telephone number of his cousin Fred Tarver, who is a prominent attorney".

Nice legs, Dave!

Were you making armpit noises when you did that? That always cracks me up. Dude with his head between his knees looks like he's having a blast!

What in the hell kinda moon boots are those Dave?

Hmmmm, does anyone else remember the Captain Morgan ads that ask the question Got a little Captain in you?

This photo proves what I've always said:

"Dave Barry kicks ass!"

Dave thighs.


Another caption entry:

Ooh, I'm so excited! Dave Barry touched my backside with his foot! I'm never washing that cheek again!!

Well, that is...er....um....maybe not.

Nice pose & legs, Dave, but is that a cell phone in your pocket, leg goiter, or battery-pack for your heated shorts? ...or are you just happy to seem mean? NDDAWWD

OK...what's in Dave's very deep right leg pocket?
A camera? Car Keys? Fresh fish? An important clue?

How come all you guys are looking at his shoes?

Guru Barry. Soon he'll build a hut in the everglades and desperate (lost) herald hunters will walk hundreds of miles to recieve guidance, only to find him bursting through the stomach of a dead python. Damn, that already happened.

Actually, that'd be the backside of one Andy Dufek. I was merely the photographer.

Andy said to Dave, "Dave, you've been kicking my butt all day with this Hunt, so how about a picture of you kicking my butt to remember it by?"

Dave seemed all to happy to oblige.



I Came, I Hunted, I Got My A$$ Kicked By Dave Barry

Very nice, Aunt Nancy. I love how educational this blog is.

Suddenly the memory of former VP Dan Quayle suggesting that he wished he'd spent more time studying Latin in school, so that he could talk to the residents of Latin America ... flashes thru what passes for my Saturday a.m. mind ... just sayin' ...

(I've got an even better "Latin" story, but it's too long for this time ... remind me later ... if you like ... please ...)

Does anyone else think Dave could use a few more sandwiches?

I noticed that he has lost some weight. I swear the man looks NOTHING even remotely close to his age.

SPAMINATOR ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON THE ONE ABOVE!!!!!!!!!!

*wishes he could have the honor of Dave's shoe print on his shorts*

MeThinks there may be a new product here! Shorts with and authentic "DAVE BARRY's Foot Was Here", signature series!

OMG...Did you finsih your kick???

Watch where you point that thing.

I HATE the Herald Hunt for not being located in Washington.

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