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November 28, 2005


Baby got back?

(Thanks to Jim Weisz


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They found that the success rate of the jabs was only 8% in women - meaning that 23 out of 25 women did not receive an injection into the muscle. In men, the success rate was 56%.

8% effective? So why are they injected into the rear at all? Why not inject it into another part of the body that has muscle, such as the arm or leg?


One obvious solution here is (*shudder*) longer needles.

Not so sure I'd volunteer to have an air bubble injected into me...an excellent way to end up dead.

Somebody cue up a Queen album!!!

*goes off singing, "Fat-bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round..."*

Get on your bikes and ride!

Fat Bottomed Girls,etc.

Sorry, Mr. C! Your comment wasn't showing when I posted. Great minds, huh? Or something.

Southerngirl - a sick mind is a terrible thing to waste.

High-five to (Freddy) Mercury.

Does this mean if I would need to tranquilize - oh, let's just say a pop star - I need a really big dart?

monkeyshines - you would need a 'pop dart.' One that would really make her sing.

Oh there are just so many places I could go with this, most of them totally inappropriate.

The pharse 'bottom jabs' has be giggling like mad. AGNFARB maybe?

LOL @ monkeyshines and Annie!

You could always hire a lawyer to sue the doc for not administering your meds properly and for accusing you of being fat. Of course, first you'd probably have to pay a 'rock bottom retainer.'

More scientific research...35 million people with skin have eczema (courtesy of a banner ad). More research needed to determine how many people without skin have eczema (my twisted brain).

Nurse: Isn't it fatal to inject a patient with an air bubble?

Doctor: Normally, but since this patient has a big bottom, that won't be a problem. You'll see on the CT scan.

Nurse: But she's not breathing.

Doctor: Huh. Boy those pants sure made her butt look bigger than it was. My bad.

We've got to get to the bottom of this!

Cosmo "The A$$man" Kramer

The butt patrol has struck once more. Here you are not worrying about your body,and someone interested in your health and well-being throws another brick.
Pretty soon insurance companies will insist two lines form in the offices and clinics. The BB line for big butts and the LB line for little butts. Not that this will cause any harm to the egos of the nurses who love to direct patients. You can hear them now:
No,Ms.Jones you're no longer a LB person.

So NOW will all the fat butts in the world stop looking for excuses to remain fat and lose the blubber? No, prob. not. They will continue to justify their obesity.

Jabba the Butt ... wasn't he somebody in a Star Wars movie?

"I AM big. It's the britches that got small."

"The Butt Patrol" WBAGNFARB!

Also: Kilmeny, don't let inappropriateness stop you--this is DAVE's blog, after all.

Somehow the images of the testing sequence is quite disturbing. Obviously there's some things that short needles can't touch.


*zips in*

I'm offended by the sexist b.s. in this article.

I'm making a list of Fat BOY big butts.

*zips out*

El, glad to see you got a promotion!

Kilmeny, Kibby, are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking? You know, the "short needles"?

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