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November 25, 2005


The Kangaroos' Willies


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First of all... nevermind. That's just too groty

nope. not touching this one with a ten foot toothpick, but the possiblities are endless!

Get rid of the taste of....of....!!?!?

Don't most people have a beer on the nightstand for that sort of thing?


I'm sure this exact occurrence is precisely what Philo T. Farnsworth had in mind when he invented the television.

Vomit Fruit and Fish Eyes - GNFA Aussie RB or Hip Hop nicknames?

Did they have to include a picture?

"...and managed to nark all the celebs by talking about the huge fry-up they'd just had."


"The Witchety Grubs" gnfarb?

Anybody feel brave enough to google maggot cheese?

heh heh

Also, King Wingbipeekaboo would like to point out, "Witchety Grubs."


WTF is a "bushtucker trial"?

Answer: Something to be avoided for sure.

This is a good example of why I fail to see any value in this "reality" -type programming ...

It's so unreal ...

I mean, if they were dining on the Kangaroo Copulatory Organ (which wba REALLY gnfa(n) Aussie RB), they shoulda also had the REST of the 'roo to feed upon, so why start with the GRB/RAN inducing items on the menu???

personally, my heart goes out to the now willyless kangaroos

*hops off to kitchen for another piece of mom's vomit fruit cake*


"Jilly Goolden" = "Die Long Jolly"
"Carol Thatcher" = "Eat a Crotch Lahr"

(True - "Lahr" is not a word, but I couldn't pass up the "eat a crotch" part. - never could.)

Mud- how about "Eat la Crotch? Har!"

mudstuffin, I'd be careful saying "Eat a Crotch Lahr" to this guy.

Scat-the U.S. has an Olympic rodeo team? Who knew? And do other countries also have rodeo teams? Is that like the Jamaican bobsled team?

Fort .. NO!

Jilly was later heard calling her boyfriend's name over and over: "Rraallpphh! Rraallpphh! Ooooh, Ralph!!!"

Wow. I could go in SO many different directions with this, but in the spirit of decency, I ain't gonna do it. Nope, nope, uh-uh.

Besides, you're all doing so well making up your own jokes.

There's a rumor that kangaroos picketed the filming carrying signs labelled "Free Willy!"

S'man, that was really bad. LOL

kanga#1: bloody hell, mate, what happened to you??

kanga#2: here's a story for ya, mate. get me a coopers, would ya? so, i'm bouncin' through the bush, roight? mindin' me own p's & q's, got me tail boingin' in time for just that right cruising balance, got my little front paws hangin' just so with a nice complimentary groove, and all the sheilas have at least one eye on me, right? all of a sudden this pack of deviant human pooftas ambushes me out of one of those goddam koala trees and bugger me right down into the dirt!!

k#1: cripes, they buggered you right there in the dirt?

k#2: well, no, they just held me down in the dirt. now, here's where it gets totally mad. these demonic perverts roll me over and whack my willy off with a monster set of snips!!

k#1: krikey, they whacked you off?

k#2: no, mate, these blokes snipped off my WILLY!! it was right out of "scarface" but with me supplying the stunt johnson!

k#1: eeewww.

k#2: right! set me up here again, mate, i've got pain to numb.

k#1: right, mate, but what're you going to do when those frosty brews pass through and you need to visit the loo? i mean, no willy and all.

k#2: shite!! i guess i'll sneak into the sheila's room.

k#1: maybe you can get plastic surgery to get a pouch put in.

k#2: shut up

k#1: "monster snips", eh? i'd have thought they should have been able to do the job with a bit of snubby kid's scissors, or maybe some hobby nippers.

k#2: f*c_ you

k#1: blimey, don't look at the telly now, mate, some nasty wench is chomping on a....


JU ~ I am ROTFLMAO, and wiping the tears from my eyes.

Whoever did the willy-snippin' without getting kicked from here to Queensland oughta guest-star as the bad guy on "Hung Fu."

Annie W-b-h, I can envision the ad posters for the first motion picture release starring Tu Jin-sheng as Hung Fu:

Now showing:


"At last, a hero with b***s," Siskel
"Tu Jin-sheng brings a certain p...er, pe...er, presence to the big screen!" Ebert
RATED NChes 17

Ah, so THAT's what JU was doing all night!

There's poo in the roo loo.

mud' --

You prolly could say "Eat a crotch, Lahr" to this guy without fear of reprisal ... after all, he IS a noted coward ...

(sorry, I don't have my "how to link" cheat sheet handy, I'm still on a borrowed outfit ... but here's the link)


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