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November 25, 2005


Now they're going after George Clooney's dog.


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Is herman singular? Probably not? Do you think Babs deserves to have an air conditioned barn?

I think he made that story up. Nobody even mentioned the dog's name. Plus, did he beat the snake while it was still wrapped around the dog's neck with its teeth in the back of his head? If he did, that's probably what killed the dog. 'the dog'?

poor george. poor, poor george. here, come to crossgirl, i'll make you forget all about your bad year.

But don't forget the old Lithuanian saying:

"He who beats a snake to death will reap many potatoes."

So, you know...metaphorically, things can only look up for Mr. Clooney.

Especially if he's waiting on a potato crop.

If only it were Bill O'Reilly he had beaten with the baseball bat. At least it would have made him feel better.

so ... just how big was this snake?

I mean ... rattler's usually (usually) strike @ something 'cuz it's prey ... meaning they wanna eat it ... and if this snake was gonna eat the dog, it musta been a pretty large snake, even if it was a pretty small dog ... so ... George is really a hero for defending the world against such a gigantic and vicious a serpentine predator ... which wbagnfarb ...

... um ... nah, I got nothin' ...

"I had to get a baseball bat and beat the snake [wrapped around the dog's head] until it let go, but it killed the dog."

That guy is such a cut-up. He's one of Hollywood's most notorious pranksters. $10 says he just said that for a laugh.

I did not!

I think the Peta-files should all go to George's shoot location and protest him soundly for killing the wittle snake.

$10 just gave me the biggest laugh of the day so far.

Okay, his dog gets killed by either a rattlesnake or a rattlesnake-beating, his father lost an election, and his brother-in-law had a heart attack, and HE'S having a bad year????? Sounds like things are going great for Mr. Clooney (who actually is kinda sideways related to me) but pretty crappy for those around him.

Well, he also fell off a chair and tore the membranes around his spinal cord. He apparently leaked spinal fluid and, although he didn't mention it (and perhaps didn't realize it), was in significant danger of developing meningitis. He did say he had some pain.

All I think of when reading this is that "George Clooney's Dog" wbagnfarb.

It was a really bad movie that was just not enough to wreck his head for...

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