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November 16, 2005


This may be a job for Jack Bauer.

(Thanks to Emily Maurin)


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What a cheesy story.

Ahem, first, I believe?

I wonder what his first two offenses were?

I guess he really cheesed her off.

I couldn't resist, although I really should have.

squeezed the cheese

That maniac is still loose? What am I paying taxes for?


I am so truely proud to live in the great state of SC. I did indeed see this in the paper...

And about hurt myself laughing.

He squeezed the cheese in her hair. Boy, do we know how to fight here or what?

This may be a job for Jack, or Brie....

Sorry - that wasn't very gouda.

This is a joke, right????

She must have let the cheese get so runny that the cat ate it.

He: Honey, did you make dinner?
She: No
He: (To self) An act of purest optimism to propose the question in the first place. *squeezes cheese in wife's hair*

talk about yer cheese heads . . .

Is this Higgenbotham guy related to K-Fed, do ya think?

Mr. C, weah ALL relatid t'each othuh down heah in Dixie. I gotta mosey 'long now, 'counta I got a cute cousin an' a pahnt jah o' moonshahn waitin' out in the pickemup truck, and we's jus' gon' have us a BIG ol' tahm! YEE-HAWWW!

Just a good ol' boy, Ivory Bill Woodpeckah

IBW - Y'all come back now, y'hear?

all because she didn't give edam....

so they're gonna arrest this guy for having a food fight with his wife?!? boy, the next time the wife wants me to squeeze cheeze on her....er....never mind

Shredder--the Turtles know where you are. Run.

I've been trying to find the appropriate item to post my totally off topic report of having survived the 20 some-odd tornadoes that came through here yesterday. I was hoping for some comical prompt in order to share that I am hereby officialy moving back to Florida once I graduate as I'll take six hurricanes in a row any day over spontaneous cyclones that come out of nowhere. I even went so far in my desires as to wish to share that the man killed in Benton, KY as reported on the major news networks and CNN online lived 100 yards away from my sister's horse stables, which remained intact.

Alas, nothing appears to lend itself to this sort of sharing so I'll just say, "gee whiz, cheeze whiz?!"

OMG, Jacki - that's terrible.
Feel free to share any breaking news, tragic or other, anytime.

We know how to make people feel better.



the turtles - i really miss the turtles

TCK--We miss you, too, dude!


A clear case of Assault with Intent to Fondue.

[While I'm making fun, I hope that that's as bad as the "violence" got.]

ah - I found the turtle source - and apparently I encouraged it - on the up side, it looks like they scared shredder off

Jacki ~ I agree. At least with hurricanes, you have some warning. Hope your sis and everyone are ok. *hugs*


Thanks for my booger! I needed that:)

Glowing with fluorescence, boogers are neon candles in the dark.

TCK: Why do you want to scare me off? Besides, I'm not THAT Shredder.

Oh, sorry Shredder - as long as you're not that shredder, then I wouldn't want to scare you off...

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