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November 23, 2005


And now the wait is over.


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Hey, my boss is from Cleveland.

Worm farms replace burning rivers. It truly is an upgrade for their image.

Now THIS is what our news gathering teams should be doing!

A strong (smelling?) story, presented in a medium located near the site of the event, AND ... it's in America!

Way to GO, Cleveland!

Worm Poop AND the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

(The Official Worm Poop Farm of the Cleveland Browns)

Too karmic: Worm Poop WBAGNFAHallOfFameRB

If this becomes a wide-spread replacement for current potting soils, I'll probably be sticking my hands in it in a couple of months. I'll be sure to let you know what that's like. I'm guessing grody.

I once read an article (which I just spent ten minutes searching for and can't find--argh) about a guy who owned a vermicomposting company. One night, the electricity went out, and the bright lights which kept the millions and millions of worms in their bins...well, obviously, didn't work. Couple hours later, the guy takes a flashlight and goes out to check on the bins. What does he find? WORMS EVERYWHERE! Walls (how?), floors, EVERYWHERE. [puke, puke, puke!]

But at least his worm farm was out in the middle of nowhere. GOOD LUCK, neighborhood-in-Cleveland!

Tamara? Good reason #1 for having a generator!

MeThinks we've found the site for the upcoming Cleveland Dave Barry Bloggers Meat!

Found on google: Vermicomposting is composting with worms. It is perfect for apartment dwellers,

Aaaaah, not this one!

Cleveland Writhes !!!

We need to introduce this guy to THIS guy. Seems like a match made in heaven... okay, heaven's backyard garden, anyway.

It's amazing how much can be learned about vermiculture from this blog.

Sean - Cleveland writhes! *SNORK*

As a lifelong Clevelander, I can't tell you how proud we are of our worm poop farm...or the fact that the phrase "worm poop" appeared in a headline in the Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday.


Watch out Clevland!

Considering how much money I dropped at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame gift shop, I'm sure that the next time we're in Cleveland my girlfriend won't let me anywhere near this place.

While all this twaddle about worms is being discussed, cannibalism is going on under our noses! How else do you explain the sidebar which suggests,
"Make Club Sandwiches With Your Kids!"

Oh, the humanity.......

Here in the land where sportfishing is king, I once set out to become a worm rancher. None of them survived the branding. And handling those little tiny lassos...well!

Wasn't Collinwood the site of a huge fire catastrophe thing in 1908?
Maybe it was some sort of funky omen.

Worm poop is a good name for a band. In fact, I suggest Modonna go to a new name...from Sarah...to worm poopie. I'd actually buy an album.

Hey Everyone -

I know it all sounds pretty funny when talking about a worm farm and worm poop, but the guy running this operation is awesome. He is bringing high paying jobs to Cleveland. He is producing an organic product that does not impact the environment and his innovative thinking is saving surrounding businesses, the city, the county and the State of Ohio millions of dollars. Cleveland should be embracing him. But no, the city and the newspaper out of sheer ignorance, are giving him a hard time.

The girl that wrote the article for the Plain Dealer Poop Farm story should be fired. She misrepresented the real story. The real scoop buzzing around Cleveland is that the girl reporter thought he was handsome and put the moves on the earthworm entrepenuer. He did not want to hurt her feelings and politely said no, so she retaliated with an insulting story. You all know there is always more to what the story prints.

This earthworm company rocks! In a few months fellow Clevelanders will get the best potting soil available to man. Plants thrive in it and guess what, it does not smell. I saw it. It looks and feels like coffee grounds with no odor.

Just keepin it real!

This company is a "green" hoax!!! They stiffed at least 2 temp agencies for at least $40,000. They are racist know-it-alls who suddenly develop financial difficulties every time they get a non-Arian employee!! I wonder just how many people have quit this "high paying" minimum wage(with no benefits) job. They are just taking advantage of unemployed clevelanders and their willingness to work with the promise of a paycheck which never comes. If anything, the thing to watch for with this company will be a class action lawsuit!!!

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