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November 30, 2005


Don't tell The Blog what he's getting.

(Thanks to Rick Harover)


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It's like we're trying to die of laziness!

"Whaaa - my butter's too hard to spread!"

"Butterwizard" WBAReallyLameName for a Harry Potter villian.

& for some reason, should be played by Gary Glitter.

Looks like someone is putting together his annual gift catalog. Santa is watching! And he's in a Union!

Hey - that's my First Hat-trick! (3 in a row)

*slips on the ice*

*gives Brainy the puck to take home and keep as a reminder of this occasion*

HOORAY for you! You might want to consider running for President of the FIRST Club next year, what with your creds now!!!

Fiona: one complaint I hear time after time is the lack of spreadability of real butter

That's not the complaint I keep hearing on my job. I gotta think about getting a new job.

The Blog should wait for Apple's imminent satellite-based online butter control service, which promises to have more features and direct links to their ketchup thickness adjustment site.

Also available in high-definition and expanded memory versions.

is this nifty item by ronco?

It's either too hard or too soft," said David Alfill

As I said on Christobol's blog, it sounds like Mr. Alfill has a personal problem...

…keeps butter at what it says is the optimal spreadable temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit.” Which is also the optimal bacteria-growing temperature (41-140F)!! YUCKY! It might be okay for margarine, but not real butter, no way would I want to store my butter in "The Danger Zone" on puropse!

What would Marlon Brando have thought?

TCK, it's obvious Mr. Alfill is suffering from sexsomnia...

"optimal spreadable temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit."

If you want warm spreadable butter ... then wouldn't room temp do? All respects to Sarah J and the danger zone.

By the way ... Sarah, ever think of starting a rock band?

Sarah J and the danger zone

I kinda like it.

"Hard Butter Misery" wbagnfarb

Blue Meanie...Thank you! I thought I was the only one who made that particular leap. (So now it takes Two and a Butter Wizard to tango???)

Not that I'm proud, Betsy, not by a long shot.

Not proud of remembering dirty movies, or not proud of being old enough to remember that particular one??? In my case I think it's a little of both...

I don't give a darn about my age (22 - alright, 48). What I'm not proud of is witnessing a great actor start heading into the abyss.

Blue...Yep...the demarcation line between a really distinguished career and tragic self-parody (And I'll even forego any lame remarks about the abyss.)

I don't think I could be in a rock band, unless they take flutists or tone-deaf singers or shy people.

The most important thing is to spread the butter thinly ...

What does a nutritionist know about how someone else likes have their butter spread?

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