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November 22, 2005



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The ontogeny is a brief and rapid recapitulation of the phylogeny ... which is a fancy way of saying ... SSDD ...

I feel sad that I know more about Britney than this "reporter". That I wanted to smack him/her around and shout, "She's in town on BUSINESS, you IDIOT!"

All thanks to you, Dave.

AND with a split infinitive!!! Boy, they'll let ANYone call themselves a journalist nowadays, won't they?

I wonder how she enjoyed Christina Applegate in Sweet Charity? Think she was sitting there watching, thinking to herself, "I can do that!!" (I use the term "thinking" loosely, of course.)

The next day Britney was seen getting a lavish manicure, complete with inch-long fake fingernails, to recover from her night of partying.

Oh, yeah. As a guy, whenever *I* was "recovering from a night of partying" the FIRST thing I did the next day was get a man-icure. The inch-long nails made quite a difference, yessiree Bob.

And those inch-long talons probably come in quite handy when parenting an infant (just be sure to exercise extreme caution when playing the "I've got your nose" game).

perhaps they were practising their acting?


JIllywilly - *SNORK*

This just proves that she isn't doing the parenting. No one mentions the baby; I bet he didn't go with them to NYC, and I bet Brit isn't going to change many, if any, diapers with those nails!

was that reporter getting paid by the comma?

"The Infinitive Splitters" WBAGNFARB!

ALSO: "Twitneys and Federslimes. Why did it have to be Twitneys and Federslimes?"

Why, I think Britney is a wonderful mother! I know when my kids were newborns, we bonded whenever I was home from clubbing, shopping, hanging out, whatever. It's just that the crying is a real drag when you've gotta hangover, you know?

Someone's a comaholic.

Comma comma down dooby-doo down down...

Today's earworm courtesy of Neil Sedaka.

Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma chameleon....

Well, yes, it's Culture Club... and yes, thank you, now I've got Karma Chameleon stuck in my ear.

Mr. C - How can you tell that you have a chameleon stuck in your ear? I thought they could camoflauge themselves. I think you're overreacting and should comma down.


There, is that better?

Annie WBH - I should have seen that coming... but it was camouflaged. Or maybe I'm commatose.

I bought a camouflage shirt once. Hung it up in the closet and never saw it again.

Aagh! I misspelled 'camouflage'! I am banning myself from this site for an entire day. If you need me, I'll be in the time out corner studying the dictionary.

Last night somebody broke into my apartment and replaced everything with exact duplicates... When I pointed it out to my roommate, he said, 'Do I know you?'


Annie W-B-H - There, there. Don't be so hard on yourself. You had all the right letter, just in the wrong places. Coulda happened to anybody.

You can come out now.

Southerngirl - We do love us some Stephen Wright, don't we?

Yes, we do. However, I wouldn't want to overstay his welcome. Or mine!

cyn - sorry I wasn't here during the crisis but I see that Mr. Completely took care of the situation - well done!

Ain't no thing but a chicken wing on a string.

magic. s'all jus' frickin' magic.

Oh, oh, oh it's magic... you know.... never believe it's not so.

AAUGH!! Another earworm!! Um, I mean thanks, hon.

Goog L, personally, after a night of partying, I make sure to remove the one-inch nails from my back.

And as for "comma" music (clears throat and pinches left testicle so he can hit the high notes) I offer this:

"Comma, comma, comma, comma,
Come unto meeeee,
I'll give you lovin' both night and daaaay.
You come to me,
I'll be
Your Handy Maa...grk!!! argh!!"
Exits stage left with hook around neck.

*Holds lighter aloft for Stupendous Man*

El--Hi! Long time no see...been on....well..hiatus.

Dave! You've got a MAJOR unhealthy obsession with Mr and Mrs Spears....and where is Walter? (BTW, "Where's Walter?" WBAGNFA children's sex-ed book, IMHO.)

Dave plays guitar in a rock band. Britney is a rock star. Is there some connection here?

Heaven Forbid!!!

Twitney isn't a good enough singer to sing with the RBRs!

Sniff, sniff. I missed a chance to laugh at Twitney.

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