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November 25, 2005


We cannot overstate the importance of post-pregnancy fitness.


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"Pop tart"


That's the first time I've seen that one. Nice.

Trying to find mums to 'star' in... a fitness video? It's not like its a feature length film or anything! But I am glad to hear her body is 'bouncing' back...

Dave I was up very early working on Christmas gift. EWWWWW. It was the lactation stain picture again.

Note to self: hover over links first. Now get coffee.

Brainy-you've never seen "pop tart"? Where've you been? Oh...probably doing something productive and useful instead of surfing the 'net reading stories about girls who don't know how to put their bras on.

Silly me.

I dunno if that breasticle bouncing is what they meant when they referred to her body bouncing back into shape. Either that or its going to be one h*ll of a workout video.

In five years Brittney will be doing another kind of video all together and I dont know think she will want her baby(ies) to watch.

Artchick - mostly I just wanted to incorporate first in the post. I was feeling rushed.

Hmm, I guess I should have figured that "useful and productive" and this blog don't necessarily go together. Kudos on the "first" though, at least you have quick reflexes!

In other celeb baby insanity, did anyone see the news item about Tom Cruise buying the sonogram so he can keep track of his fetus? I guess subjecting the baby to Scientology wasn't a big enough guarantee of brain damage.

Oops, sonogram machine, I mean.

Maybe Katie will want to be in Britney's fitness video. Her career is pretty much over now.

It was good to see Twitney, in the second link, pointing out a few things for the paparazzi.

Stup - I'm not sure "pointing out" is the right expression, there.

Brainy - nope, I do believe they're pointing down. Fried eggs, anyone?

Okay, A: why is it that the stupid people get the nice bodies (this question from a women that actually lost 30 lbs during pregnancy and promptly gained them all back) and

B: How did the blog miss this?

The worst part is, she can exercise from her to the next decade but those boobies aren't going back up where they were.

She doesn't need excercise to relocate her sagging dugs, she can pay to have new ones put wherever she wants them. Over her mouth would be my recommendation.

the blog has not missed that. the blog simply does
not share the emotional investment that it does with bratney and stu-fed.

Uhhh...I think that shot IS from the exercise video.

It's the "touch your toes with your boobs" exercise.

Honestly, I'm guessing the girl is suffering from "angry nursing nipple"...those little gums (the baby's, I'm assuming) chomping down can cause some real damage. Wearing a bra can just be...ouch. Of course, going without a bra...

At least she's wearing a shirt. I had to walk around for weeks wearing nothing buy cold cabbage leaves on my lovelies.

Ain't life grand?

"but" not "buy"

Over and out.

It's sad to note that Twitney's once perky accoutrements now look like two wind socks on a calm day.



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