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November 23, 2005


(Thanks to Fred)


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First he releases Janet Jackson's underwear, now he releases his own...

gjcjax ~ LOL

Maybe he should buy some underwear for twitney.

Justin Timberlake + Trace Ayala = William Rast line of fashion.

I do not get the logic.

Justin Timberlake + Trace (This cannot be a real name!) Ayala = William Rast line of clothing.

I don't get the logic.

oops... error with the posting system.

K. Fed's already gone there.

Gjcjax - That was good.

underwear and cologne?

I hope they put those assembly lines at the opposite ends of the factory...


Do you think they'll sell justin's panties on the same rack as Enrique Inglasias'(sp?) extra small condom line? (wish I knew how to post a link to that story). (in the "Teenie-Weenie Willie Wear" dept)

Pepe-I'm ashamed that I know this, and I think it's only because the pixies creep in at night and replace all the useful info in my brain, but the William Rast name came from their Grandads.

oh good ... world peace at last thru Justie's underwear.LOL

Wardrobe malfunction pandemic!!

Fred! I thought you loved *me*, not Justin Timberlake's underwear!

He's releasing his own underwear? Yuk. I sure hope he washes it first.

Trust me. His line of underwear can't be worse than his line of winter coats.

Or his line of sweaters.

So this is the next step in their fashion line. I don't know about you guys, but underwear is the first step in my daily fashion routine.

I got nothin'.

Unless it sells at walmart in a pack of six, in classic tighty whitey cotton style--for $6 or less--I can't see this catching on with guys of the male gender.

Unless he throws in a free skank of the week.

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