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November 16, 2005


Check out this must-have item..

(Thanks to Joseph Gardina)


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So retro, it's cool!

Whoa, a second first! Now y'all have to teach me the secret handshake!

And, in case of emergencies, it makes a better toilet paper substitute than cellphones.

many people in the state of corruption (oHIo) wish Gov. Bob ("was that illegal?"
Taft was posthumus.

i gotta stop drinking in the middle of the day (it IS my day off)

that post was s'posed to go somewhere else.

oh what the hell, anybody wanna beer?

southerngirl, okay, first you go like this and do this. Then, do the roo-roo.

Wow! Even I can use cutting-edge new technology now!

MOTW ~ thanks, I feel so special now.

rick h, do you mean there is a state more corrupt than Louisiana? Or does everyone only make more fun of Louisiana?

And yes, I'd love a beer.

oHIo has a white, Republican governor so i'm guessing that people "only make more fun of Louisiana." but Bob Taft makes President Shrub vlook, act, and sound like a Rhodes scholar. This state is basically for sale to the highest bidders. that which hasn't already been sold, that is.

so, southerngirl, y'all can be the most corrupt state south of the Mason-Dixon line and we'll take care of that chore up north.

btw Molson Ice ok?

MOTW - Thanks for showing southerngirl the secret handshake.
Should we invite her to the secret meeting you-know-when at you-know where?

Are they advertising a little notebook her, or am I missing something?

*clears throat* "here" not "her." Thank you.

*hands Bumble a lozenge...*

yeah. a musthave for geeks everywhere...

Doesn't anyone else find it strange the web site author thinks people need to download Flash player to FOLD A PIECE OF PAPER?

Mr. C~ Thanks, but I already have a sackful. Still recovering from the flu, complete with sore throat.

Eleanor, SSsshhh, be vewy qwiet.

*Hands southerngirl a cold Warsteiner.*
*Hands Bumble a box of Puffs extra soft and a blankie.*

but it's not as sore as those wisdom teeth, right?

Please, El, please!!

tonymus, I found it strange that they're not trying to SELL us their special technique for folding paper.

MOTW~ thanks for the brew!

rick h ~ we have white Republican governor, too. We also had at one time a jailbird running against a KKK leader. I didn't vote in that one. I've never tried a Molson Ice, but I'm game. What with the Molson and the Warsteiner, I'm gonna need a blankie, too.

Bumble: the only thing you're missing is that it would be a step up to call that a notebook - it's just a folded piece of paper - it doesn't even qualify as a notebook.

They could probably sell lots of 'em if they put a topless picture of Jennifer Aniston on the front tho

Hmmm...someone seems to be obsessed with Jen's breasts.

southerngirl - you couldn't be more wrong! I'm not obsessed with Jen's breasts - just with breasts.

MOTW- Danke.

ceeg22- Right. But the symptoms are lasting longer. I was (mostly) over the wisdom teeth thing in three days, whereas the flu is taking 3 weeks. :-)

TCK- Gotcha. Thanks. ;-)


Don't forget to tell her about the *wink-winks* the go on at the *nudge-nudgie*.


southerngirl - The meeting is a week from tomorrow at the usual place - be there or be square!

Sarcasmo- she'll find out about "that stuff" at the meeting.
*heh, heh, I said stuff*



I can't wait for the meeting. Do the newbies have to bring the beer?

*hands southerngirl a retro writing instrument to go with the retro pad*

*loves Bumble hot chocolate with whipped cream*

Bumble, I had that flu back in college. The worst of the symptoms was over after a week, but the only food that didn't taste strange, odd, gross, disgusting, was mint chocolate chip ice cream. I think it took me a month to fully recover.

The worst was over after a week for me, too. Food tastes fine to me now, but I've still got a sore throat that won't leave, a bit of a sinus issue, and blocked ears. It's a little cold here to be eating ice cream, anyway. We got our first snow yesterday. *sigh*

Bumble - have you tried gargling w/ warm salt water? Nasty as it tastes, it usually works.

Another remedy that tastes much better: make some hot tea (decaf, so you'll be able to sleep). While it's steeping, use a vegetable peeler to remove some zest from a lemon and put the strips of zest in the hot water. That releases the natural oil. After 5 minutes, take out the teabag, then add juice from half the lemon and some honey. Sip slowly. It ALWAYS makes the sore throat better, I promise. \(^.^)/

MOTW - and Bumble

I always recommend the salt water thingy, I used to force my children to do it. It really does work for a sore throat, but it is yukky!

My association with the name Bumble from the classic movie, Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer. Rudolph is shocked to see Yukon Cornelius at the end of the movie, because he thought Cornelius had died after pushing the abominable snowman over the cliff. Cornelius replies, "Didn't I ever tell you about bumbles? Bumbles bounce!" I used to think that was hilarious when I was a kid.

MOTW ~ I love that! That was the same connection I made when I saw the name. We still watch Rudolph every year, and by baby is nine!

MY baby.

Thanks for the advice.

Bumble is a nickname my history teacher called me in 8th grade. It stuck with me. My first name is Beatrice, but I go by Bea. I've also been called Wasp, Buzz, Aunt Bea (which is appropriate now, but only from a certain cute 2 year old), A, C... you get the idea. No one calls me Honey though. Other than creepy old men and waitresses, that is. :-)

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