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November 29, 2005


Run! RUN! Save yourselves!

(Thanks to djtonyb)


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Scary. But I like the second story in the article, about the guy who celebrates Christmas every day. Specifically, I like the quote, "Park, dubbed a "crackpot" by loved ones..."

Hooray for DJ TonyB!

If those sheep cross 'the pond' I'm going to be mighty unhappy. As for Mr. Park, I'm sure he's called 'crackpot' by not-so-loved ones as well.

I was wondering what he's called by those who don't love him. I'm sure it's much worse than "crackpot"

"Crackpot" is such a friendly term for people like that, isn't it?


Now let's kill that damn thing!

"Baa, ram, ewe..."

djtonyb ~ thanks, of course I had to kill him each way before I could get back to work. Which, obviously I haven't done yet. Damn these games.

Key Quote: "The Baarmy Sheep are out to ram the Crazy Frog..."

It just conjures up a visual I'm not ready for - nor do I think I'll ever be.

oops, forgot to change the name! Dang, I guess my cover's blown. TCK and Somewhere North, looks like you're in the clear. For now.

We are all talking about the same thing, right? (Yellow for caution)

Brainy, maybe we are, and maybe we aren't. You know we often end up off subject. Speaking of which, I saw that Barbara Walters is having a special tonight on the 10 most fascinating people. Ready for this? TOM CRUISE was on the list! And I am pretty sure it DID say fascinating, not flaky or crazy or crackpot, or any of those more appropriate descriptions.

Why does the phrase "Where sheep are nervous." come to mind?

southerngirl - perhaps fascinating in the sense that you can't look away, kind of like a car wreck.

I was thinking of fascinating in a flaky, crazy and crackpot sort of way.

my grandfather was a crazy, drunk old crackpot, and we all loved him anyway (he was also made wicked good moonshine, which might have had something to do with it)

on the other hand, he never would've understood singing sheep (or that scary frog with a dick)

And still I wonder, how ever did they get the sheep to sing? Specifically, higher and lower notes? I remember the classic water glasses experiment, where the glasses that were fuller would sound higher notes....wonder if something similar was arranged for the sheep. Hmmm..."Ladies & gentlemen -introducing the Viagra Sextet and their Woolly Percussion Section."

Definitely Not TCK ~ if you know where the real TCK is, tell him not to worry. The Fed's cover has been blown.

This, for some reason, brings to mind a segment on the Muppet Show, that guy with the mallet and the little round fuzzy balls that each emitted a different note when he hit them? Ow, ow, OW OW . . . .


I'm a bit surprised that no one has mentioned the recording of dogs barking Jingle Bells ...

just wonderin' if they were sheep dogs ...

Argh! Stupid Typepad!!

It ate my post! and might possibly regurgitate it in a bit, but it was (kind of)funny, and I'm (almost) NEVER funny.
But I really do like the name "Baaarmy Sheep," way better than "Crazy Frog," which is just lame. Barmy is a great word, and I think we should use it here in the US.

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