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November 24, 2005


Let's take time out to shoot ourselves some turkeys.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

*blows kisses round the blog*

Eh, I'm not hostile enough to explode the turkeys yet. Let 'em gobble.

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant...

Good thing my turkey comes pre-dead, or I'd never eat.

Happy Thanksgiving stuff yer face til you explode day!

Hey, I know someone who shot a wild turkey in real life.....they think it's fun.. to each their own..


cute game, but a bit buggy.
bad hit detection, and if you shoot one of the helmets off just before one lands in front of you, then the helmet re-apears and you have to shoot it off again...

btw, lol at the double barrel firing 8 shots in succession.

A Thanksgiving illustration of pride going before the fall:

You know that coconut cream pie I baked last night that I was so pleased with? First pie I ever made that turned out well. I went and got it to serve after dinner and I lost my grip and dropped it sunny side down on the floor. Fortunately in my inexperience I made the crust way too thick, so it stayed in one piece, but my meringue turned into muck. So much for presentation. Guess I'll never win on Iron Chef.

Bumble - I'm sure it still tastes delicious! If the meringue is shot and you have whipped cream, you could put that on it - OH!!

I just the other day read an article about how to deal with a less-than-perfect pie and it said to cut slices and serve them in bowls, like pudding!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

El- We already ate half of it, so it couldn't have tasted too bad even if it did look more like earthquake cake. Oh, well. You can't eat it whole anyway. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. :-)

I have eaten so much that I cannot even fire this gun to kill the beasts!

Bumble, it's not important to win on Iron Chef, but it is important to win on Iron Crotch, as demonstrated in an earlier thread.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Personally, I was too poor to afford a turkey this year but am thankful I was able to locate a chicken with a goiter.

Oh dear...I think I accidentally shot the PETA guy behind the Christams tree.

But, I did get 100 points, so...

Happy Turkey Day!

SM~ I'm afraid I'm not equipped for Iron Crotch.

I made a blueberry pie (actually, my 4-yr-old did most of the work), and I didn't even get to taste it! *sob* I hear it was good, though. :)

I love "Iron Crotch", y'all. That will just never stop being funny. Neither will the term, "crotch rot". Maybe anything with the word "crotch" in it is funny?

And I love you guys, and I love giving thanks, and I'm thankful for so much, excepting my inlaws, and I love Dave & Judi. :)

Hope everyone found something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Bumble ~ sorry, don't mean to laugh, but that is kinda funny, huh? And I can say this, cause I made a baked spaghetti dish today, which I brought to my mom & dad's as a special request from my youngest brother. Someone turned on the stove burner where the dish was resting, and it completely burnt the spaghetti. NON EDIBLE. Tasted like charcoal. And, in addition, I made a shrimp dip, which everyone (usually) loves. Except this time, instead of using shallots (green onions) and celery, I accidently used shallots and bell peppers. Not so good.

Well at least the family got to spend time together, and laugh and enjoy each others company, which is all that matters. Lots to be thankful for.

Hope you all had a great day!

Hi gang,

I'm giving tnx4 a great day, spent with a houseful of kin & friends (about 50 of us under one roof) and having a great time with my family and for y'all bein' here at the end of the day, so I can go to be with some chuckles and smiles (not the copyrighted/trademarked kinds) and feel good about living in the USA and ... all that kinda good stuff ...

HOWever, I'm using my daughter's computer, and it's a PC, so I dunno how to run it and that means I can't click on the links to see what all is being discussed or offered for amusement 'cuz it doesn't have a "return to previous page" dealy ... so if I click, I hafta go all the way back thru opening IE and then to google('cuz Daughter #3 doesn't have this blog on her bookmark page) and then into the blog and then scrolling down to where I was before to continue with the thread and ...

Well, except for that, it was a pretty great day ... (I'm able to get the gist of what people mean, just by following the regular posts ... does that mean I've been around y'all too long?)

Other than that, it's been a pretty great day ...

talk @y'all later, when I can find a wireless hookup for the mac ... which I know how to run ... sorta ...

southerngirl- Yes, it was funny. Just not at the time. As my mother can attest, I let out an undignified shriek when it hit the kitchen floor. Oh, well. :-)

UO: there should be a "BACK" button at the top left of the screen to take you back to the previous page. even simpler (if you can't find that) use the RIGHT side button on your mouse to click the link, and choose "open in new window" so you don't have to leave the original page to see what's in the link.

good luck!

I'm thankful for my guilty pleasure escape hatch .. here with all of you:)

*muffled burp*

I know it's not Thanksgiving anymore, but I hope everyone had as good a time as me yesterday. I am thankful I tripped over this blog and I'm thankful I didn't burn my first turkey dinner :-)

Bumble, I'm glad the pie worked out for you; but darn the laws of gravity that got to it!

I think Dave should start a thread re: our favorite "Thanksgiving disasters." Mine was something the family calls "The Year of The Pumpkin Bisque"

Blessed St. judi --

Tnx muchly 4 the attempt @ help ... however, there's seldom any help for me ...

That was last nite, after a full day of eating and such ... LONG day ... this a.m. Daughter #3 brought me coffe, and I asked her ... the "back" dealy has disappeared, since someone upgraded her desktop PC ... so I hafta go to the "ack" button on the keyboard ... IANMTU! ... and ... she's got a crippled mouse, so it doesn't always work correctly, and sometimes I hasta "right click" (not rite clique) when I really should be going "left click" ... but I'm managing to navigate thru the email and found my way back to the blog ...

Hope yesterday was a good one for you, and that my befuddlement and confusion was the worst thing that happened to you ...

Slyeyes, i caught one of your stories somewhere .. laughed til i cried! ;D
(gramma n the vibrator .. *squeak*)

This has nothing to do with anything, but I wanna see what this does.

Ok, apparently it doesn't do anything.

Testing HTML thingies.

Testing HTML thingies.

Testing HTML thigies.


I quit. Someone take away my Lil' Camper HTML Ribbon.

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