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November 17, 2005


When asked to spare a square, beware.


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Gee, how ingenious!

Most female prisoners do not pose much of a threat for jailbreak attempts, Upton said, but Stacy is an "unusual" case.

Sounds hot. When does she get out on parole, yo??

Hey, Mister, can you spare a urinal penny?

I'm sorry, I don't have a square to spare.

How big are these toilet paper rolls that you have to open the cell door distribute them?

And also, adding to the litany of bad-foresight items - when she runs out next time, no one will come for help.

Without getting too personal, not that there is ever anything too personal on this site, what woman only needs one square when using the john? A "matron" should have known.

But maybe the have EO male matrons in that jail.

ESP message to Eleanor RSPV to FIRST club meeting. Got it.:)

well, she's a moron. duh. put her in the stupid criminals file..

monkeyshines - Great, see you there!

On topic: One square of TP - as if!!!

I hear she's going to try beating the matron unconscious with the toilet paper before running next time.

"The Syringe Stabbers" WBAGNFARB!

Do you think the paper mummy outfit gave her away?

My mom caught me beating the matron unconscious once and made me wash my hands with lighter fluid. Coulda been worse: coulda been squeeze cheese.

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