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November 29, 2005


Give it up for: Ear Squat.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Is squat the stuff that comes out on the q-tip?

Ear Squats being investigated by a sitting body - WTF???

Isn't the ear already a part of the body?


I thought I was -you know -, but I wasn't.
I forgot to *zip*. :(

Can anybody explain to me what an ear squat is? I just have a mental image of kids in gym class doing squats with the side of their heads pressed to the wall.

thanks hoobert,i was afraid i was the only one, not in the know.

My best assumption is doing squats with hands on the ears as opposed to -- oh I dunno -- crossed across one's nude bust. Remind me never to get arrested in Malaysia.

KOW - Oh, you saw the video too?

i read two or three of the "related articles" and can't figure out a thing. they don't seem interested in putting any facts in their stories ;)

"people to sit in the proposed body" WTF?

This doesn't sound right, and I find it somehow disturbing.

Googling for "ear squats" I find that it's basically doing deep knee bends while pulling on one's ears. The nude part appears to be optional, but clothed or unclothed, I don't think it would be interesting.

Google "ear squats", and you find this.

Oops, Pogo beat me. Sorry, Pogo!

Anyone notice this happened in Subang? Is that anywhere near She bangs?

"Nude ear squats" = "a squad seer nut".

Well, sure, if it had been a guy... just sayin'...

Tamara RWC - No need to apologize. However it appears your link wasn't complete.

Tamara RWC - Thanks for clearing that up. Now that we know what it is, it's some more puzzling.

"Ears. Why did it have to be the ears? No, seriously."

Oooh - maybe it's like that gag from highschool, "Hey, Mindy - can you touch your elbows behind you back?"

Lol, BJ- I had to try that one to get it. Nobody in MY hs ever said that.

So an "ear squat" is when you squat while touching your ears...

The mind wanders...

Butt squats...
Hair squats...
Esophagus squats...

I'd have made the nudies do butt squats, I think.

Warning this stupid song parody appeared earlier today in another thread:

Well you’re the real tough cookie with the long history
Of breaking little hearts, like the one in me
That’s o.k., lets see how you do it
Pull down your drawers, lets get down to it!

Do a naked ear squat!
Why don’t you a naked ear squat!
Do a naked ear squat!
Fire away!

I make up bogus charges, I know it ain't fair
But that’s too bad, see if I care!
Squat on down, feel the burn!
Then get ready for another turn!

Do a naked ear squat!
Why don’t you a naked ear squat!
Do a naked ear squat!
Fire away!


Agh - mudstuffin is doing earwig squats!

Ear squats...LMAO....Thanks Dave, I needed that;)

Is ear squats based on the scientific principle that if you cover your ears, the oxygen has nowhere to go so it leads to a sudden exhalation through another orifice, namely, the one exposed while doing the spread-legged squats? And if so, will this make the drugs fall out?

I think we debunked that theory but just in case, I volunteer to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars to research it further.

Tamara - when selecting the body part for the naked squatter to touch, does it have to be one of their body parts?

Just askin'.

I volunteer to take the videos of SN's research.

Did I just type that?

I 'ear squats' consist of deep knee bends while holding one's ears, what constitues the ear squat's more famous cousin - diddly squat?

LOL @ otherDave!

this is all very strange but i'm guessing the purpose of holding your ears is so you can't hear the rude remarks made by your tormentors.

1) Note to self: Do NOT get arrested in Malaysia while Cbol is in town masquerading as a police officer.

1.35) Wait. Scratch that. (Yes, right there; that feels gooood.)

1.7) Note to self: DO get arrested in Malaysia while Cbol is in town masquerading as a police officer.

2) "Diddly squat"! BWAHAHAHA!

C'bol - that is what got her arrested in the first place.

Ear Squats! Next great Olympic event?

YOU decide!

'ear squat issue' leads to 'a square tissue'

Tamara thanks for the link. If the original story had explained ear squats are ketuk ketampi it would have cleared it all up for us in the first place.

Ear Squat: Eat it while it's hot, make your belly rot?

I know. It's bad.

I think it's more like, "Speak up! I can't ear squat!"

Ear Squats! Next great Olympic event?

YOU decide!

Hum, how'd that happen?

Here's the video.

Somehow I had the first impression of a woman squatting over someone's (in this case police???) ears. Glad to see that isn't the case....Or not, as the case may be.

S.N. -

I'm with you on the "hundreds of thousands of dollars" idea ...

... um ... how much is that in metric?

I`m an alien , just a little alien

you're a lil sh*t-head, just a lil sh*t-head ♪

ear squat is like this : one needs to pull his / ser own ear lobes and then squat and stand repeatedly. this is a very common punishment for kids in schools / homes in india and south asia

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