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November 16, 2005


Here's an update on the new season, which states that this woman will be Jack Bauer's new love interest, which means -- at least we hope it means -- that Jack, despite having been killed at the end of last season, will have to shoot somebody in, at minimum, the thigh. We don't see Marwan in here, so the part of the evil terrorist mastermind genius will apparently be played by a new face.

CORRECTION: We posted the wrong link for Jack's new love interest, This is Jack's new love interest. Whoa.


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Always with the Barrynet links. That's why we love you Dave. (and can't stand that other guy...)

Hey! Jack's new love interest looks like teen age boy. Fox does do different stuff.

What!? No Marwin!?

whatawegonnado, whatawegpmmado?

In other news, Behrouz is now terrorizing convenience stores.

Good point, Matt. Kudos to FOX for taking exciting new chances with their programming.

waiting for Addicted to 24 to show up .. 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 ..

Methinks there was a little snafu with the link to Jack's love interest. That actually *IS* a guy. But maybe Jack's just getting in touch with his feminine side. NTTAWWT.

Dang it. I fell for the link.

Hi Folks sorry about being late I was in a meeting at work. First let me clean up my drool. Second I am confused according to Dave Jack's new love interest is Connie Britton's son. 2nd Sean Astin is looking kinda of dorky but I think a bullet to his leg will fix that. Finally is Jack a migrant worker now because that picture of him is very Steinbeckian.
Ok back to my meeting the boss is mad that some people are surfing the net all day wonder who they are talking about.

Lab, always remember to mousie over linkie.
Ato24, watch that drool! You got some on my keyboard. (I may have to shoot you in the thigh.)

I've never watched 24, and thanks to Dave and all you guys, I'll never have to. The synopses have to be better than the show any day.

rita, that's what I thought. I actually printed out the synopses for my son to read. After a few weeks, when we actually watched the show for the first time, we were howling. Dave probably increases the shows ratings by writing those updates. Please watch one episode - you're cheating yourself out of great laughs if you don't.
*wonders if Dave secretly gets a royalty*

i've never seen the show either - but it's not my fault - we don't have a fox station here

it is fun to try and figure out what the show's about from the blog tho - so far, i've been able to figure out that there's a lot of people gettin' shot in the thigh - the question i have is: is that intentional, or is this Jack guy just a really bad shot

Agreed MOTW. I thought I knew what it was to love 24 until I read Dave's unique take. I have learned from my folly. Hilarious as Dave is alone, in conjunction with the show, it transcends mere hilarity. I now enjoy the show on many different levels.

And there's a CTU Online ad at the top of the blog today :)

TCK the first 100 thigh wounds were an acciedent but jack got to be a better shot after that. Now he did mean to cut off the guys head in CTU though.

I've been sending the synopses to Tom, and he's really enjoyed them, too. I tried to watch the show when it first came on, but I just couldn't get past the first ten minutes.

Once we get satellite internet access at his house, and get the wireless thingy hooked up, maybe we'll give it another try. At least the blogging will be entertaining.

But if 24 comes on 9 or after, I'll just have to read the blog the next day. We have to leave at 5:30 a.m. so Tom can get to work by 7. I used to be a night owl, but I'm too old now.

rita, I resemble that remark (I'm too old now). \(^.^)/
Dave, don't worry about the correct love interest. You're the hyper-linking Man today! I just figured that mistake was due to your head banging against the keyboard in the middle of your post.

how oh how have we survived this long without Jack Bauer's crazy shananagans. Each season tries to out bs the last so maybe we'll get, like, super Marwan this time. Death to Audry!

What, nearly 20 comments, and nobody's mentioned that the article is written by NUTS MCDOUGAL, which of course, WBAGNFAB.

TCK --

I didn't turn on to 24 until this season past, season four. That was thanks to all the goofballs on here blogging about it. Who could NOT watch?!

Then I rented seasons one through three serially from Netflix. (Full disclosure: I own a tiny amount of stock in the company - but don't get free anything.) Some evenings my honey and I would cuddle and watch up to four episodes (approximately three hours) at a time. It was wonderful. No commercials, just the "thud-thud-thud" musik.

Try it!

Wow. How did we fail to notice Nuts Mcdougal? The blog is slipping in it's old age. Nice job bert

Random 24 thoughts:

Jack sooo traded up with his new love interest.

I second Dave's suggestion: please, Jack, please shoot Audrey in the thigh this season! Since she's still around, she obviously missed your little discouraging hints (like killing her husband). Time for something a bit more direct.

I predict the new squeeze's son, Brady, will be some kind of anarcho-terrorist. Can't you just see him rioting outside a WTO meeting?

I also bet, when no one's around, President Pantywaist's wife Martha snaps a leash & dog collar on him and makes him crawl around and eat Alpo off the floor. NTTAWWT.

God...don't you just love those push-up bras? First they used just cotton, that was not even sown in, and they would sift around on you..then they went to putting in some harder stuff, which felt pretty much like imitation bean bags...and that would come out and burst in the washing machine, But, some inventor decided he wanted a softer feel and NOW they have (thanks to Ferdericks's, whom my husband prefers over Victoria Secret because they are for "frigid" women...which is an ongoing argument between us because I see no difference, less is better with him but then a woman sees no redeming value in a simple string as compared to fluffy pink outfit. Ongoing...) Anyway they came up with the WATER push up bras...which are really fun..now...boy, Dave could have some fun with this subject...what happens if you run into some place and yell "My water's broke!!" meaning your bra popped and is dripping all over your shirt...might cause some real damage to any man who is standing nearby.I mean should he call a hospital or offer to take off your shirt?

My question is, since I have no way of knowing..is water heavier than real flesh? It IS an important question.....for the future movie stars in 24.

Speaking of 24, the ONLY way to watch it, is like we did...all four years...all at once...stopping only for normal everyday stuff, like eating...working...putting the trash out...And yes, I do blame Dave for this...thank God we came through it STILL mentally deranged.

Derek the love interest's son (LIS)already looks like a low-affect, catatonic, zombie boy. I think he's going to spend a lot of time wandering and wondering. The love interest is going to be calling Jack in the middle of shoot outs, hysterical and angry, demanding that Jack drop everything and everybody to find Derek the Zombie Boy.
Just a guess.

"Derek and the Zombie Boys" WBAGNFARB!

Is Nuts McDougal any relation to Iron Balls McGinty?

Glad you fixed that link. I was getting a bit concerned there! NTTAWWT.

And HA! Didn't get me with the baryynet link! HA!

Novanglus ~ I have never watched 24 either. We have Fox, just never watched. Not sure if I want to or not, b/c this blog is confusing me. However, unless you want a complete stranger to rip off your shirt, under the guise of being helpful, don't yell "my water broke" in front of TCK. :)


I think Marwan is gone and the new terrorist will be ripped from the headlines.

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