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October 24, 2005


South Florida is a mess, according to everybody I've talked to down there -- no power, trees down everywhere, a fair amount of building damage, and a lot of water in the streets. The Herald, which has many veteran hurricane reporters, has a detailed roundup here (you may have to register). I just talked to judi, and she's fine, and says hi to you regular blog readers. My family and I are still in DC, where we attended a highly entertaining event honoring a funny man last night (you might have to register for this one, also). We're hoping to get home tomorrow. I'm not totally sure why we're hoping to get home, but we are.


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His Daveness finally checks in.

"Also in the Keys, waves of water turned parts of Marathon into mammoth pools" boy oh boy, i wanna see the mammoths swim. Dave, hope you find your house & Walter in one piece. - did that come out wrong?

Dave, I caught your photo. (Where's the blue shirt?!) It is so cool when your hero has his own Brush With Greatness. Here's hoping your home -- and Walter -- are doing well.

Next to Dave, Steve Martin is the FUNNIEST man on the planet. Dave I am soooo jealous.


Just be careful, Dave, and take care of yourself and yours. All (okay, SOME) of us would simply collapse into quivering blobs of... well, something icky, if anything untoward happened to Your Daveness.

steve martin deserves the twain award. You should be next. now. get home and save walter!!

Did you leave Walter a liferaft????

Did you leave Walter a liferaft????

Did you leave Walter a liferaft????

I'm glad you're safe. Those dang hurricanes.

Remember this? (Steve writes about Dave's hiatus.)

Love Dave. Love Steve Martin.

Experiencing love overload. Back in ten minutes. *grabs batteries* No, twenty.

So, uh, Dave, where are you and Steve Martin having dinner tonight? Hmm?

Tamara - I don't KNOW what you're planning on doing with those batteries, but a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, I always say. So thanks for the mental image.

Tamara... good idea. A question though.

Is that illustration Dave? As Satan? Lighting a hash pipe with laser beams from his Satanic eyes???


Long live Steve Martin. And Dave.


Later, when people are playing the "Where were you during Wilma?" game, Dave will have the best story.

Geezer Alert There was a time when myself and my friends could recite, line-for-line, every Steve Martin album, and the same for Monty Python and Chech and Chong as well. We could, and I'm not making this up, actually entertain ourselves just saying stuff like "I've got happy feet" "The cruel shoes" and "I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with, and throw poopy on her shoes". Hmmm, in retrospect, did Steve have foot fetish back then?

Tam - Thanks. I had missed that one.

Hey Dave,

Did Walter seem depressed or angry about you just leaving him at the house? Or did he seem distracted by contract negotiations or anything? Ummm, have you been watching TV?

I was amazed at these actual ads placed by the geniuses at Google (ok, they're RICH geniuses) following Steve Martin's brilliant column about Dave-the-Satan-worshiper's 'hiatus':

Invite Dave Barry to Speak

To invite Dave Barry to speak at your next meeting, call one of corporate America's most relied upon resources for speakers and entertainment.

Dave Barry - Available for Appearances
Booking agent for Dave Barry, humor columnist for the Miami Herald. Biography and booking information available for review.

Untitled Dave Barry - $17.29
Make Overstock.com your one-stop-shop for all your media needs. Find the latest book, movie, music and gaming titles at deep discounts. Flat-rate shipping. Overstock - your online outlet.

Miami-Dade police made six arrests for looting by Monday afternoon.

YES. Get those filthy opportunists off the streets and back in the legislature where they can't do any...harm...ugh. Just shoot 'em.

I just finished my Red Cross Disaster Training. I'm hoping they deploy me to Florida. I hope Disney World needs water and a sandwhich. I'll drop one off to Walter, too.

Quote: "The most off-message message of the evening came from Larry David, who told a hilarious shaggy-dog tale in which Martin mistreats a homeless guy, plagiarizes a Dorothy Parker story, abuses a cat, acts boorish in a theater and finally insults David's Jewish heritage."

Oh please do tell Dave. Please???

If/when Walter is found alive, we do all know what he will be singing, don't we? (I just have to be the first to say it)...

"I made it through the rain, I kept myself connected, I made it through the rain, I kept my point of..."... erk screech - (sound of someone yanking needle of record)

Well you know I'm right!


Could you explain why everyone mentioned in that article (except Martin Short) has a last name that could also be a first name? I sense a conspiracy.

Glad to know judi's OK. Have a safe trip, Dave.

Christobol that is freaking brillant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you return home maybe Sophie could stop by the whitehouse to help the president learn how to read or pick supreme court justices (or least one that isnt a pine cone head).

Punkin Poo!

*tackles and hugs Punkin somewhat overenthusiastically*

Nice to see you again!

I wrote about you in my own blog today, Dave.

Actually it was the second time I've done so, but I don't like to talk about the first time because I don't think I should be held accountable for what happens in my dreams. Also, everyone experiments at some point, right?

Cool, I found yr site and will be back. How many times have I heard your name mentioned in my journalism classes at UF? A ton.

Susy - Wow, content and style. Quite the contrubution to this thread here. You taking creative writing?

I have a sudden urge to sing "King Tut" and go observe how stupid my dogs are. Dave and Steve!

As to Steve Martin ... yeah, he's funny ...

Well, OK, he's really funny ...

However, one of his portrayals that I enjoyed the most was his role in Parenthood ...

EXcellent movie, IMHO ... and not just for the funny parts ...

Holy Crap!!!!! Steve Martin is 60!?!?!


Gee, Dave - stay in our neck of the woods a couple more days, willya? At least till it's safe to fly into Miami? Sophie can come play with my son, Josh (also 5 yrs old) - he can stay home from Kindergarten for that!

Seriously, I understand wanting to get home - from my family to yours, stay safe, dry, and warm (but not overheated) wherever you choose to be.

random - your post makes me hungry for a shoe. With cheese. And, please, force it down my throat.

And I'd like to massage your grandmother.

Looks like it was a fun evening had by all. Will look forward to seeing it Nov. 9 on PBS.

U.O~ Have you seen All of Me? It was mentioned in the article Dave linked to; Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. Not terribly well known or popular I think (I bought it on a DVD clearance rack for $5) but it's hilarious. Weird, but hilarious. Like Tomlin said, Steve's physical comedy in that movie was great. Steve was also really good in A Simple Twist of Fate. It's a modern day take on the novel Silas Marner by George Eliot. And a really good version of Silas Marner was made starring Ben Kingsley... stopping with the movie stuff now.


Get home safely, best wishes to you and your family

Bumble -

(I actually was back here not long after your post, but my ISP was "down for service" [a planned and announce tune-up] about the time I tried to answer your commentary ... here's another try ... If I can remember what I said ...)

Yeah, All of Me and Simple ... Fate are both pretty decent stuff, actually ... I guess I mention Parenthood 'cuz I see so many moments/bits/scenes that are real -- or quasi-real -- from first-hand or second-hand life its ownself ... also, Parenthood is on the various movie-oriented cable channels more often than either of the others ...

Nah, don't knock off the movie stuff just for me ... I enjoy that, tho I don't see many movies with my life on the road, until they make it to TV ... sorta tough to find a place to park the (rather odd and possibly suspicious-looking) truck at the movieplex ...

OMG Dave! You're picture number 4!

U.O~ Yeah, Parenthood is awesome, too. I just wanted to pass along other fun stuffs in case you hadn't seen them. :-) I'm a big movie person. Buy more DVDs that I should, know lots of trivia, quotes, etc. Haven't been getting to the theater much lately though. My list of movies to see is getting really long. I did make the time to go see Serenity though. Big fan of the Firefly show. Really good movie.

U.O. they could have modeled the kid with the bucket on his head after any one of my boys. LOVE the movie parenthood. the real thing, i'm still adjusting to.

Dave, sharing secrets with Tom Hanks???

Details!! Dish!! Blogging minds want to - nay, MUST - know. (He was asking about Walter, wasn't he?)

"He likes to butt things with his head."

"How proud you must be."

There's a clip on one of the Johnny Carson "favorite moments from The Tonight Show" videos where the kid who played Justin in Parenthood was a guest. He was looking up at the monitors and not really paying attention to Johnny, and Johnny goes, "Are looking at yourself on the monitors up there? How do you think you look?" And the kid giggles and goes "Cute!" It was priceless. I love those videos. They're great.

Bumble - There's nothing wrong wtih wearing a bucket on your head.

BJ- I didn't say there was. :-)

One of my (many) favorite dialogues from Parenthood:

You were at Woodstock? I was at Woodstock!

Oh, yeah? I thought you looked familiar!

Steve Martin and His Daveness in the same room?!?!?! Doesn't that violate some maximum humor capacity ordinanace?

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