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October 20, 2005


Here in South Florida, they're closing schools and canceling events, and people are jamming the supermarkets to buy food they will probably never eat, all in preparation for a hurricane that is now... approaching Mexico.

Needless to say, Walter is in Full Preparedness Mode.



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here's hoping that Wilma is last for the year(unlike this post!)

parmalat? what's that?

MOTW - it's a brand of milk.

It's shelf-stable milk. Lasts for years. Don't know how it tastes... never opened it.

I can just hear Dave's neighbors:

Husband: Have you noticed how obsessed Barry is with that bone thing of his?
Wife: *shrieks* Look out! There's an alligator in the carport with a python!
Husband: That's it! We're moving!

Quick, put Walter on a plane for Mexico! They need him!

... um ... Dave ... Walter doesn't have his duct tape ... rush back to the duct tape store, immediately!

... oh ... Mexico?

Sondra! Look out!

Ick, Parmalat?

Oosiks dring milk?

Who knew?

(Who's on First.)

... um ... make that drink, if you please ... tnx ...

I have a feeling that hidden somewhere in the Barry household is a shivering American Girl doll, wearing only her little red galoshes and a concerned look.

An observation:
Dave constantly tells us how judi is obsessed with Walter, yet Dave is the one who is providing room, board, and clothing for Walter.

I'll get really worried when Dave begins to coordinate their outfits (i.e., when Walter wears a blue shirt).

Thank God Freud is dead. He would be beside himself with all the symbolism and repressed need on display here.

Walter has no plywood either. I thought that was an essential hurricane tool.

Are you going to chain Walter to a tree so he can do live South Florida updates of the storm as it passes Mexico?

I'm sorry...that makes me think back to my childhood..

"Walter and Wilma, sitting in a tree..

Nah...doesn't work.

Where's the bleach??

Why is Walter still on the patio? Is he still playing intrepid Weather Channel reporter, or has Mrs. Blog banned him from the house?

I still want to see him with Anderson Cooper. Let's just make CNN a reality show (which it may technically be) and have Anderson and Rob Marciano run a relay with Walter (he can double as the baton) while Wilma comes ashore. Whoever survives the tidal surge wins!

PS: I love the little rain jacket. That rain hat just wasn't up to a category 5.

But where's the BEER?
You can't get through a hurricane without beer!


and where is his battery-operated radio, so he will know what's going on??? and i think you should chain him to the house. for his benefit. and at least leave him a coupla cookies to eat....

Walter you have failed Dave. You forgot to buy the single most important item needed in these times of panic.

No beer?

Looks like some kind of weird voodoo ritual.

walter's under parts aren't protected though. a foster's can may do the trick or does he like that fresh free feeling?

Where's the duct (duck?) tape to batten down Walter? If you need instructions, ask Eddie Murphy.

Did you get Sophie's permission first before borrowing her doll's rain gear?

Btw, how do you ask a 5-year-old if you can borrow her doll's raincoat and hat so you can clothe a penis bone?

*collapsing on floor laughing*

I love you, Dave!!

Huh. When someone mentions a "protective raincoat" for a guy like Walter, that's never been the image that's come to mind...

Fuggetabout the duct tape.

What Walter *really* needs is a reinforced toaster and a case of pop tarts to defend himself against looters.

S.N. That's exactly what I thought re CNN, and I like Ed Lavendara too. I know he's a little chubby, but I'm a sucker for a cute round face!!

David, when did you first sense the anthropomorphism of this skeletal remain?

You can blame the tracks of the hurricanes on these guys.


to finally notice that Walter has his rubbers on. Hahahahahahahaha. I hope the prize for noticing isn't a oosik keychain.


We definitely have the same taste in men...Sanjay Gupta and now Ed Lavandera?...stay way biatch!... :-)

A post-script to my note at 1:16 PM - My husband just sent me this note:

Normally, NBAA stands for National Business Aviation Association. This year however, it stands for National Biga$$ Atmospheric Attractor.

Parmalat - UHT milk, and it tastes godawful. There's a reason it has a shelf life of years, no one can drag up the courage to drink the stuff!

El -

I've got the "round" face, but as far as the "cute" goes ... guess I lose out ... again ...

Walter also forgot his batteries and a radio

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