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October 10, 2005


It's time to call.... The Rogue Choir.

(Thanks to Bob Phillips)


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Oh, those nutty Seventh-Day Adventists...

I'm a recovering Catholic, myself, and went to parochial school, which was run by Sister Lefty and Sister Knuckles. Oh, the good times we had!

"...he now wanted to pursue charges of simple battery."


Is this the plot for a soon to be made CBS television movie?

I guess they don't like requests...

just noticed there's a 16-member choir and "all 25 members of the congregation witnessed the attack".... hmmmmmm. so that leaves....

I don't go to church because of all the uppercuts.

aren't the seventh day adventists the ones that were in waco? you'd think they'd be wary of getting the police involved in anything. hmm.

Twenty five people? That's not church, that's rural traffic.

Really, these people are way over the top. Better than non-stop singing and the ensuing confrontation, this situation could have been handled with a simple soda straw and some spitballs.

Or an Anal Douche

Rogue Choir WBAGNFA(southern)RB.

Tonight, on FOX: When Church Choirs Go Bad!

Choir (singing): Hallelujah! Hallelujah! We give thanks to the Lord!
Priest: (nods head up and down in approval, enjoying the singing)
Choir (singing): And pray that satan takes our priest's soul to make him pay for the money he stole! Hallelujah and amen!
Priest: (frowning, takes out ear-lobe twisting device)

tropichunt.com guy~ *snork*

I should mention this to the choir next practice. Our pastor isn't much of a speaker, but we sing well. Oh, wait. The pastor joined the choir last week. Dang.

Guess they didn't know it was Clergy Appreciation Month.

Yeah, Bumble, I don't think that congregation will be sending the pastor any encouraging e-cards...

Yes, it's a difficult job, and, as the article implies, the really good ones are ... really rare ...

Or medium well....

Jamie: those were the Branch Davidians
/Texan, if east. I remember that day well; sitting in English class in sixth grade, watching the compound burn down on TV, with more classmates than I like to admit who were giddily excited about the whole thing. I think I was the only one who was bothered by it. Seems a lot of them found the idea of "divine retribution" cool, even if they didn't know that expression. I went to a strange school...

Uh-huh ... I think the Ruby Ridge debacle people might have had some connection to the SDAs (or Jehovah's Witnesses?), tho that's just fuzzy memory on my part ...

The Ruby Ridge bunch were white supremicists who went to a white supremisist church that the government was trying to infiltrate.

Nasty affiliation and disgusting beliefs, but didn't deserve to be shot in the back about it.

Also GNFARB – Earlobe Twisting

S.N. --

Tnx 4 the refresher course ... I rmemebered the White Supremicist angle, but sorta thot there mighta been a religious tie-in that sorta gave a foundation for their credo ... whatever ... and no, they din't deserve what they got, which was way too much over-the-top ...

... as was the case of Gordon Kahl ... which, if one cares, was not necessarily all the truth, as far as lilstening to the government POV version of what he did (protested wasteful USA foreign aid by paying only part of his taxes ... then he went on to resist arrest, two Deputy Marshals were killed [One of whom I met, once upon a time, in another story line] and he then fled ... ] and he was chased down and was killed ...

Not endorsing the violence, or suggesting hero worship of Gordon, just sayin' that the survivors got to tell their version, and the other side didn't ...


You may be thinking about the Church of the Aryan Nation which was in Hayden Lake, Idaho (Ruby Ridge was also in Idaho). They preached white supremacy and called it religion. They lost their compound in a lawsuit because one of the thugs guarding the gate beat the living daylights out of a guy who had stopped on the road outside to change a flat tire, and now the area is being made into a center for tolerance.

Unfortunately, many of the old attitudes die hard. I have a friend at a local university who doesn't wear her Star of David necklace when she teaches because she's afraid of possible responses from her students. And just two years ago, a local minister published a pamphlet explaining that slavery was actually a good thing for the slaves. And, (same church, different guy) a local religious leader used his bi-weekly newspaper column to explain why tolerance is a bad thing.

I hasten to add that most people in Northern Idaho are not religious wackos/bigots. You wouldn't know, though, from the media coverage.

Sally -

tnx 4 info ... just wanted you to know I read it ...

Yep, I worked in journalism for 17 years ... it's not always the straight goods, that makes it into print ... even printing the truth can easily become slanted ...

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