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October 13, 2005


They want a big vegetable.

(Via Gizmodo)

NOTE: There are some exceptions.


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Can I really be FIRST?

I want that TV...drool...

I don't get it ... now, p'haps if it was a cucumber, or carrot or zucchini ... nah ... I got nothin' ...

perhaps those are hungry dieting women.

Yay, I made the club! Could the fact that I'm the only one in the office today have anything to do with it?
John,you're right - great TV!

My wife's got one.

mudstuffin: a really big TV, or a really big vegetable?

102 inches?!!!! When I wrote about this in June (here) they were only up to 82 inches ... At this rate, by this time next year we'll be watching TVs the size of 18-wheelers. (By "we" I mean people with a lot more money than me. I'll still be watching my 20-inch Panasonic with the little built-in VCR.)

I was waiting for the nrxt oosik pic...

("Shock the Monkey")

Sorry dear, if I'm late
I can't believe I forgot our date.
I saw something hidden in your bed
I can't get it out of my head!
Forgive me, darling please.
Oosik, oosik, oosik
Don't you know she's gonna choose the oosik!

I can nuke the cukes
Can't stand the eggplant
I can squash the squash
I know about that
'Produce' is one thing you're in love with
Buy out the grocery store!
Just don't make sweet music with the oosik!

oosik , stops her yearning
though it causes a strange 'burning'
Keepin' up with all the Inuit learning!

Watch the oosik get bent, oosik!

She's abusing the oosik tonight

TCK: A really big vegetable. (Me)

You are free to interpret this comment as a penis-size boast,(Mr. Enormous Tuber) or an insult to my intelligence (Mr. Potato Head) as you see fit. I hadn't really thought it through that far.

giant peppers glisten
crisp and fresh there are none in
company cookbook

Mudstuffin: I will abstain from commenting, and let your wife decide

I think they're drooling over the huge sweet clarity of that tv. I sure am.

The tvs they sell around here that are bigger than 19 inches not only cost about $6000 (or more), but are so grainy you can't tell if you're watching a close-up of Locke from Lost or just a sweaty vegetable. Actually, I lie, they're much worse.

LCD, especially, is clearly Laughing Crap Dispenser.

I don't see what the big deal is. Those women are only 30 inches tall.

The worst part about eating vegetables is getting them back in their wheelchairs.

Dang, did I say that out loud?

Mr. Completely, that one made me laugh out loud - since you did say that out loud....

Insom, I find you both partially insane and completely brilliant.

"strange burning..." *SNORK*

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