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October 03, 2005


This blog thinks that if the president wanted a woman with a firm grasp on the issues, there were better women available.


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Judge Judi,

That has a ring to it.

Justice Judi,
Judi the Judge,
Judi of the Judgeship,
Judicious Judi,
Judi Judi Bo Judi,
Return of the Judii,
Somebody help me I can't stop

King Wingbipeekaboo Etc. could not agree more with Dave.


I will leave all phallic references to those that come after me.

I see she would bring her own gavel to the job.

Judi for Justice! (soon to be a mmp along the lines of "Spiderman.")

Could the nominee have in her grasp a large piece of oosic, which in the Inuit language means "pertified Walrus penile bone?" If that is the case, she sure understands what motivates human nature. My guess is she's just "boning up" for her new position in a male dominated "pecking" order.

At least we'd know at what level of importance she holds the controversial
Oosik Ulu issue
(aka the "northern bobbitizer")

I just want to know who didn't see this coming. The biggest joke on the late night talk shows will be..."what can you buy if you are a President and have a rich Daddy.....?"

Try again....

Oosik Ulu Issues

grumble, grumble, html, grumble

Gotta wonder if the rest of the Brethren (and Sistern) aren't getting just totally pi$$ed off.

I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT!!

Dave for Prez in '08! Nominate Judi to supreme court! And, hey, Walter looks like senatorial material... I mean... can Ted Kennedy report weather? Walter's way ahead of the crowd

So ... this must explain where the phrase "bone handled knife" and "boning knife" originated ... ???

Could I please borrow a very tiny chunk of the oosik, and ship it to California to present to The Governator? I'd love to see Ah-nold at a press conference hold up a small COW (Chunk of Walter) and announce "Oosik, nine millimeter!". Considering all the steroids Ah-nold has more or less admitted to taking, 9 mm is probably close to actual size.

I'm calling my senator, right now! It isn't too late!

PirateBoy, I don't like to repeat gossip, (so listen closely) A friend of mine worked on "The Terminator." Remember the scene where Ah-nold walks through Griffith Park naked? Let's just say that, after teh third take, they cleared the set. Too many people giggling.

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