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October 29, 2005


I'm blogging this by phone from a gas line. My car has been creeping creeping creeping forward and now I CAN SEE THE ACTUAL GAS PUMPS. I have not been this excited since Prom Night. You probably think I'm joking. That's because you do not live in Wilmaland.


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Getting gas!!

Double entendre???


Is FIRST on a Saturday as meaningful as FIRST during the week?


Eleanor: I'm too tired to discuss the ramifications of being first and second on the weekend. I'll just say it carries the same weight.

The reason that Dave is that excited is because he's getting closer to his crack supplier...

Go, Dave, go!

Dave, It's the little things in life that mean so much.

I'm curious; what are they charging for it down there? Or do I want to know?

Hmm. Not as bad as I would have guessed if this is accurate. Good luck Dave!

This reminds me of waiting in a gas line in 1976. It was so cool. My 20 friends and I just hung out in the back of the shagadelic (and by shag I mean shag carpet covering every surface) Magic Bus, grooving to the mirror ball hanging from the avacado green carpet ceiling. We ate Screaming Yellow Zonkers and grooved to Wild Cherry and Gary Wright on the 8-track.

Fortunately, the next year we discovered Talking Heads.

Mind you, I was extremely young...

Please excuse the overuse of the word "grooved" in the previous post. My vocabulary was a bit wanting in 76.

Wait a second...in Wilmaland, deprived of electricity, gasoline, and cheez-its, Dave can post to the blog from his CELL PHONE?

Holy overturned infrastructure chain, Batman!

I hope Dave 'gets lucky' at the pump...

just put a few gallons of coleman gas from walmart and add that octane boost crap. It's cheaper.

so would this be a bad time to report that there were a few stations selling reg unleaded here in central oHIo for $2.01 a gal. this past week?

yeah i thought so.

I am so impressed by Dave's ability (and willingness) to blog by cell phone. Thank goodness Al invented the internet. Can we have a crapcam shot of the gas lines? I want to relive that Carter administration feeling -- but only virtually.

Humph! $2.52 in the NW burbs of Chicago this morning.

JimW: That's not a Humph, that price is a WOW!

Here in sunny SoCal we're around $2.96 (if you're lucky!)

Here in SC I saw it at $2.45 this morning.

Right about now, Dave should be nervously asking the prettiest pump to dance- good luck Dave! Don't throw up!

I saw gas for $1.92 and was actually excited. But I just had to remember some industries need $20 billion in quarterly profits more than others do.

Gas where I'm at is $20.50 a gallon!

Dave, are you still in that gas line? I hope you're still excited!

$2.31 in Grand Forks, ND last weekend ... $2.38 in my hometown ... no hurricanes in the long-term forecast ... also, no volcanoes, no earthquakes (that anyone without a seismograph can detect), too late for tornadoes (the few we have, this far north), one of the best public education systems in the country, lowest crime rate in the nation by a LARGE factor ... um ... well, yeah, winter's on its way, but it was 42 last nite for a low ... and great neighbors ... some of whom just returned from volunteer helping in New Orleans ...

... just sayin' ...

... and ... totally off thread, but just for laughs ...

My Bride (Remember Her?) told me of an event at work ...

Phone call:

Caller: I want to talk to Tammy, please.

My Bride: Well, we have three Tammys that work here, which one would you like to speak to?

Caller: The one that looks like me ...

(these are NOT video phones, BTW)


Rockchild, where are you that it costs 20.50$/gallon?!?

Good luck, Dave BTW- FEMA stands for Fix Everything, My Ass!

Dave, your original post was at 10:14 AM. It's now 2:45 PM. Got your gas yet?

OT: Judi, I notice that there's a time change coming up. Will This Blog observe the time change?

Here in Nebraska (Motto: "As nice as North Dakota, but not as cold! Usually!" Alternate Motto: "Learn to love tornadoes!") gas prices are ranging from $2.06-2.40ish.

Dave, good luck in Wilmaland! Hang in there!

ernie g. - there are some questions we dare not ask...

Gas in Boston: $2.35 and snowing.

$2.37 here last time I looked; it dropped from $2.85 over the course of October. Thankfully.

Last night we filled up in Clarksville, TN for $2.24 (on our way home from Nashville having seeing The Wiggles, Live and In Person). We crossed the border into KY and the advertised prices went up to $2.48.

Is it just me or is there something wrong with the fact that a person living in a border town can go three miles to their west and save 20 cents a gal. on gas?

I guess it's an even exchange though since people in TN can cross the same border and pay 40 percent less for tobacco. But that only benefits like .012 of the population now a days.

-ik (who is in the minority)

kj -

OK ... we'll grant you the "Usually!" ... whatever ... the folks from all over this Great Plains region are pretty nice neighbors ...

... however, to continue my prior thots ... it was about 58 today, so I peeled our apple crop (about 350 of them - we've only got one small tree) in the garage -- with the door open, a beautiful fall day -- and it was just really nice ... gas is down to 2.34 this p.m. and the nice weather should continue thru next week ...

In reality tho ... I'm a fine one to talk about the weather here ... when I spend 5-7 months of the winter season out in SoCal/AZ/NV/NM ... leaving the snow shoveling, cold weather and blizzards to folks back home ... (a fact I try not to mention when phoning home)

... spent the rest of the evening loading music on My Bride's (Remember Her?) new iPod Nano, and stuffing myself with fresh, homemade apple crisp and ice cream ...

RU near Beatrice or Omaha? The outfit my son works for has a couple of stores in your area ... NBD, just sayin' ... howdy, neighbor ...

Dave, HERE'S an idea

Nothing says disaster like a crappy tee shirt :)


PERFECT for: cleaning windshield while in gas lines, covering steering wheel in searing heat, hanging on your neighbor's twisted chainlink fence or wearing to the Red Cross shelter (beer mug also available).

Now doesn't that gas line feel a tad shorter?

Eleanor - where are YOU going for gas? Here in my neck of the woods (Torrance), it's about $2.65 a gallon. Saw it for $2.57 at one place yesterday.

$2.79 here in southern La.

$2.19/gal in Hopkins, MN over the weekend.

I saw gas for .429 per gallon.

Then, someone called, and I had to turn off Smoky and the Bandit...

It's about $2.80 here in Monterey, CA....give or take about 20 cents (it's 2.71 at one station and at a Chevron about a block away it's $3.02)

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