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October 13, 2005


They want a big, ugly vegetable.

Key quote: Growing your own connects you with nature, said a trust spokeswoman.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Dammit, I will never understand women...

will that explains prince charles

And Camilla.

Now this brings up an interesting point. I and at least four people I know sent messages to this page pointing out that ugly vegetables are not more nutritious than attractive ones (which appears to be the implication), and that vegetables are never nutritious if looking at them makes you sick to your stomach. Strange that only one anti-deformity comment was printed, and that quite mild.

I believe I will enter this contest, yes.

Sorry Dave any comment from me concerning the key quote will ban me from this blog

What's a bearded carrot?? I don't think I want a hairy carrot...but I'm not sure.

ANY veg. preceded by the word "bearded" makes whatever I'm drinking shoot out my nose.....

Speaking of ugly vegetables, has anyone seen Zsa Zsa Gabor lately?

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