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October 10, 2005


"Titillation is not the goal."

(Thanks to Elizabeth Gibson)


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I want to see the "interactive exhibits!"

But, I WANT a sleazy sex museum!

Makes you wonder about what kind of rides they'll be offering...

"I went to the London Academy of Sex and Relationships Them Park and all I got was this lousy T-cell count."

"Titillation is not the goal," he said. "It's meant to be educational. It's meant to be informative." We want education, information and titillation. Oooh, sounds like a good campaign slogan for 2008, Dave. I can hear the crowds chanting now!

Note to Alex Rayner:

Apparently no-one hipped you to the fact that ANYTHING pertaining to sex is, by its very nature, TITILLATING. No amount of effort by bespectacled, spotty, high-pants, Vicks-smelling museum types can make it boring. Even the word "titillating" is titillating if you are a male of the species between the ages of 8 and death.

Alex Rayner, a spokesman for the project, said it was "committed to avoiding the sleazy image that the sex industry usually conjures."

Which is why he's setting up just down the road from Raymond's Revue Bar.

And 'bravo' to Martinishark; funny.

"Mommy, mommy let’s go on the Fallopian tube water slide!"

“No, mommy, I wanna go on the Spirochete of Terror ride.”

"First, we have to get Daddy unplugged from the ‘interactive exhibits’ ,kids."
(as posted on C'bol's blog)

also, there are now so many sex museums that there's a "typical" one?

I can't WAIT to see the gift shop.

The British can always take the most exciting things and life and make them dull...

Located...just around the corner from Soho, London's red-light district...

What, is Lola the the guest-book lady?

I made the blog! I'm so excited!

I want to ride the rides. ;)


I was relieved to learn that this would not be a "sleazy sex museum" ... I was worried that they'd have really old, out-of-date stuff, as many museums do ...

Like ... my picture ...

That statue is Eros??? I'm sorry...it looks like a wild turkey trying to sprint away from the ice skate stuck on its foot. How titillating!

... um ... Betsey ...

that's one of those deals where "you had to have been there" ... to appreciate the symbolic representation ... or not ... whatever ...

Is a "sleazy sex museum" (which by the way wbagnfarb) a sleazy museum on the subject of sex or a museum on the subject of sleazy sex? Either one would do, really...

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