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October 21, 2005


Walter is starting to feel the strain.



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I am confident this will not be first. Didn't Fred do a lot of waiting form Wilma?

So much for being confident...

Looks like it might be the best way to get through Wilma.

poor walter! but at least his nether regions are covered up.

Did..um...Walter wet the newspaper?

Wouldn't you, if you'd finished a whole bottle of Bacardi?

shoot. i was all set to make a fred comment. how bout barney and betty?

Actually its not a bottle of Bacardi... I thought it was too at first. I was going to say... GO BACARDI!! I am totally in love with that stuff... espcially Bacardi 8

Somehow, in that position, Walter is starting to look a little.. ummm.. seedy? At least we can't tell he isn't wearing rubbers. (galoshes that is)


Methinks Dave is getting bored on hiatus ... which is supposed to be over at the end of this year (hopefully).

Walter is 100% nether regions, isn't he?

I'm supposed to travel to Tampa next Wednesday. (I get the feeling it ain't gonna happen.) I'll be sure and check with Walter for my travel advisories.

Yea, we are with you Walter. This waiting make us screwy. We went to buy Hurricane supplies and figured that for Hurricane WILMA it made sense to buy Fruity Pebbles. What the hell, the levity calmed the kid down a little

Ok...now Dave, You have WAY too much time on your hands. That is soooo lame.

Must be a Texas point of view. I agree.

Cheer up, Walter...
be waiting for you after the storm...

(as an aside, it's
what you
when you

"walrus love"

Walter sure has alot of balls if he thinks he can ride Wilma when she comes in off the big Atlantic "O"..

Walter looks like a starfish in that picture...a drunken, unconscious starfish.

Why would you google "walrus love"? Just wonderin'......

OH NO! Walter just drank the last of Dave's beloved Richard!

Whatever the heck that is.

The patient’s hypersensitive hallucinatory perception is a symptom of a paranoid psychosis. The signs are a mental block and a Gestaltzerfall of the habitual field experience. The consequence is a compensational reactivation of archaic reaction patterns.
Because of Walter’s loss of his ego-integrity a psychoanalytic therapy based on my anxiety neurosis therapy seem pointless. Barcardi, maybe; Schnapz is better.


OH NO, Walter just drank the last of Dave's Beloved Ricard!

I believe the handy hip-flask size could get one through a morning of Paris tourism with a small daughter.

You'll be happy to know Ricard tastes like anis. Which explains a little too much about Walter, NTTAWWT.

R.T. - I hope to GAWD that isn't a typo, and that Ric instead tastes like ... well, substitute a 'u' for the 'i', speaking of nether regions.

Just like walter to think about himself in a time like this. He should be out buying anti monkey devices because we all know there will be lots of monkeys!!!

... um ... I'm sorta reluctant (NOT!) to bring this up, but I'm suspicious that y'all are mistaken in your interpretation of the photo ...

The trick of using a current newspaper in the photo is well-known as being practiced by terrorists and other hostage-type folks ... Someone is trying to make us think that all is well, and that Walter is (more or less) in good shape (?) ...

The truth of the matter is, as based on prior evidence, and an intellectual hunch {that's a sore back from reading too much] ...


i have this disturbing vision of Sophie and Dave sitting on the family room floor surrounded by doll clothes and accessories...

Sophie has Barbie and Dave has Walter playing dressup.

can tea parties be far behind? And what does Dave have Walter say to Barbie?

the mind boggles

I had a really bad idea ... so I naturally hafta share it ...

The headline (!) in the paper says Wilma is "still on the way" ...

Does this mean she's still coming?

(OOOOOOoooooooohhhhh, Fred!)


HEY! I said I was sorry!!! Who hit me with the sock full of nickels?

It just hit me: Is Walter wearing his rubbers?

(Get it? GET IT??)


Italics on. Italics OFF. Hopefully.


Okay, better now. Return to your lives, nothing to see here. Move along, do it now please.

Walter may be down, but he's still up (sideways though).

Actually, when you just glance at the picture, it looks like someone left a peeled banana, a newspaper and a bottle on Dave's deck.

A.N. -

Yes, however, if one looks closely, it is possible to imagine a tiny little face on the "banana" ... those little bumps could be interpreted as nose, eyebrows, and so on ... now, Walter just had a tiny little moustache ...

... which brings to mind:

Oosik Gigolo wbagnfa ... ? ... rhythm ... band?

U.O. - has anyone ever told you that you have a vivid imagination?

My vivid imaginaton shows, in the lower right hand corner, a reflection of Mr Blog taking a picture.
He's wearing a blue shirt.

The Herald Hunt is coming November 6th. Anyone want to place a small wager on how many team names contain the word "Walter" in one form or another?

I've also got a bone to pick with any team that can make their team name into an oosik pun.

Again, I have to ask: When will we ever have a Left Coast edition of the H.H.? Or is Dave implying that the good people of Kalifornia can't read?

("Just say arrrrrgh!")

A.N. -

Warped, yes.

Weird, yes.

(And, adjectives for most of the rest of the alphabet ...)

Vivid, not until now.

Tnx 4 that ...

Dave, it's time to get the duct tape. Walter may need it. Predictions show a distinct possibility.

Dave, thank you for the photo of Walter. I haven't read all the comments but I just had to thank you.

Horrible day so far for me...but that improved things immensly.

Ok, the picture is a little wrong, but still a good one.

According to the latest psychological tests, Walter is Dave's alter ego. Which means that he also eats Cheeze its, and Dave is totally unaware of this, which explains why he runs out of Cheeze its. He has no idea that Walter is stealing them. I'd advise Dave to Check Barbie's playhouse, which is where Walter might hide them.

And if that is off the subject too much, then may I say that I don't think Walter and Dave have too much to worry about from Wilma, because...as you all remember...Daddy Bush had his last heart attack in Ft. Myers, which means there are some very important places around that small section of Florida and I'm sure that they are (They being anyone...from the Mafia, Japan, Alan Greenspan,or Jeb Bush) downgrading Wilma as we speak. So Walter can put down the paper. The moral being...we should try to remind Dave that he really doesn't want to be President....Pictures from Dave' porch are one thing, but Walter on the Oval Office floor? (I will not go there, but you can)

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