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October 14, 2005


Check your loo.


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I bet he'll never leave the seat up again.

RSPCA officials and firefighters were called to the apartment block and used a fibre optic camera to check the drains and plumbing.

Heh..a snake looking for a snake...nice...

...on the street where semi-detached homes go on the market for up to £400,000.

Semi-detached homes? What's that? Houses that are only partially attached to their foundations, or houses that aren't completely conscious of their surroundings?

semi-detached means a side-by-side duplex, basically.

He raced down to the garden and got a concrete block which he used to cover the toilet seat and I think he quite forgot about going to the toilet.

OR...he let go on the floor when he found a 6 foot boa constrictor in his toliet at 2 a.m.

personally, I woulda just peed on the snake...

Okay - if you're running to get a concrete block to trap the snake in your toilet and then the police can't find the snake, wouldn't you think that perhaps the snake got out of your toilet while you were in the garden (where you obviously paused to take your whiz) and is now hiding in your semi-detatched home, possibly on a ceiling fan with a funnel spider who and a midget who knows karate?

Around here, a semi-detached home is the result of a tornado.



At the rate that the blog posts snake-in-toilet stories, it will only be a few more days before I am afraid to go into my bathroom.

"Snakes. Why did it...oh, you know the rest.

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