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October 31, 2005


If you don't give them a tax break, you turn into a toad.

(Thanks to Robert Shearer)


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Meanwhile, we members of the Society for Really Bad Card Tricks keep paying full freight.

Lawmaker Pieter Omtzigt was astounded.

Pronounce his last name. I dare you.

C-bol, the Brotherhood of Elf Bowlers has the same problem.

This is horrible news for my flat tax. Eliminating the home mortgage tax deduction is a very tough sell, as homeowners prefer the feeling of getting special treatment frrom the tax code over being able to do their taxes in 5 less time than paying the electric bill. Now, we'll have the witch contingency casting spells on tax reformers. This is a real shame.

Malcom S. "Steve" Forbes

As Granny Weatherwax always says, the services of a witch don't cost you anything, but if we ask you a favor in the future you shouldn't say no. ;-)

Those Netherlands witches are nothing compared to the ones here in Salem, Mass., the only city in the country with a museum that touts "Boris the Pyromaniac is back with his fire juggling." (That actually took place at the Salem Wax Museum, which shows some guts on their part; the last thing most wax museums want near the exhibits is a fire juggler.)

In Salem the witches are all cleaning up, thanks to all those women who were hanged as witches here back in 1692. They probably wouldn’t have felt so bad about it if they knew they were paving the way for the Haunted Witch Village Coloring Contest.

Do you want to avoid paying Dutch taxes?


A fine example of power.

"It's just because the word 'witch' was mentioned that they have woken up," said Margarita Rongen, clad in flowing black velvet robes and wearing a Wiccan talisman. "This write-off has been around for a long time."

maybe they have "wiccan" up?

... and with that outfit, they'll never play in the NBA!

'wiccan up'
I like it! Reminds me of the 'Cowboy Up' bumperstickers on all the pickup trucks around here...
'Wiccan Up or Get Off the Broom' would make a great sticker...I could put it on my bus, right next to the 'My Other Car is a Broom' and 'The Goddess is Alive and Magic is Afoot'.

From the London Daily Telegraph (I'm not making this up) "A bank robber in the Southern Dutch Town of Chaam was able to subtract the cost of his gun from his fine. The unnamed stick-up man, 46, managed to convince a criminal court in Breda, near the Belgian border, that the $2,600 he spent on his pistol was a legitmate business expense"

Chianca a.l. -

One of my ancestors was hanged in your town, as a result of the trials you mention ...

Mebbe someday I'll hafta visit the museum ... If I rode a broom, the trip would be a lot cheaper ...

Annie -

Sheer headology, m'dear. A wise move in the Ramtops (NOT to be confused with Ramparts of DaveBlog fame . . . ) Have you read "A Hat Full of Sky" yet? Sequel to "Wee Free Men," but also a nice crossover with Granny's chronicles.

"If we spend euro1,000 on a witchcraft class, that's euro1,000 we can't spent elsewhere," Omtzigt said.

I see that exceptional powers of deduction are not limited to American Politicians.

Also, "Dutch Taxes", is that like when everyone pays in exactly as much as they get out of the Gov't? Like going out to eat "Dutch Treat"?

BLT, oh yes, yes, yes. And speaking of witches and Ramtops, it's about time he did one for Note Spelling of Lancre.

"The Joop Wijns" WBAGNFARB!

*waits to see if anyone shows up*

touch call?


*reaches out and touches someone*

*someone calls the Haiku Police*

Great stories Everyone!!

Hip Hip! Replacement! erm, that doesn't sound right.

*joins Aunt Nancy under the weather*

Hey, you're not wearing any.......

I'll repost the Ariane launch info:

Arianespace - INSAT 4A / MSG-2

THE LAUNCH READINESS REVIEW (RAL) took place in Kourou on Monday, December
19, 2005 and authorized count-down operations for the INSAT 4A - MSG-2

THE ARIANE 5 GENERIC LAUNCHER LIFT-OFF for this Flight is scheduled during
the night of December 21 to 22, 2005 as soon as possible within the
following launch window:

KOUROU: Between 07:33pm and 08:01pm on December 21, 2005.
GMT: Between 10:33pm and 11:01pm on December 21, 2005.
PARIS: Between 11:33pm and 12:01am on December 21-22, 2005.
WASHINGTON:Between 05:33pm and 06:01pm on December 21, 2005.

Follow the launch live on the internet:
Live Ariane launch

So - are we here? or here?

Are we here or at Wolfie's Moat?


We are here at the SchwingMOAT!

Come on over!!!

Hmmmm...eenie, meenie, miney, moe, catch a MOAT thread by the toe...if he hollers, let him...well...

HEY!! What's Mr. Fishair doing under here, and what are you staring at? Don't you know what happened to Joshkr when he started taking pictures?


*flees to the SchwingMOAT*

Let's remember the other thread, though, for the next move.

I'll catch up on the Bush MOAT while you guys decide which is the new MOAT. I have Messenger on if anyone wants to chat.

*enters muttering "ratzenfratzencatzenmufflegrumble"*

*nails sign on Moat*

Occupancy Not Permitted. Go here.

*exits muttering "ratzenfratzen damn environmental impact studies frumblegrumblegripe"

Sorry your MOAT was ditched, sly.

I'm not, I was fixin to lose a leg! ;)

*abadons s(ly)hip*

*sniff sniff*

*cough, hack*

Hmmm. I smell fish air. He must not be far ahead.

[sets out again]

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