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October 25, 2005


We suspect Walter.



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I see a church that looks in pretty good shape, with some debris in the yard. And the point is...?

It looks like the steeple fell down.

Walter wants a job as a steeple?

Walter has a good point.

And the point is...?

on the ground.

Another case of sensless Oosik rampage.


what's with the pop-up ads?

did you sustain THAT much damage that you have to prostitute your blog for financial assistance?

No way, Walter is innocent!
The Parmalat did it!

Funny....Walter doesn't look Baptist.

Since he is an antique, I think Walter is a Primitive Baptist.

But is Walter ok??

To acknowledge his bravery in the face of....a lot of water...Walter will have an award named after him - the "Golden Oosik Award", aka the "Oosikers." Ok, so, Elvis won, somebody had the nerve(?!) to steal a few, and some brainfreeze writer actually used 'irregardless' in print....


According to Skynews.com; Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church claims that Katrina and Rita are due to the Almighty's Revenge on sinners. I predict a smackdown between the Pembroke Road Baptist Church and the Westboro Baptist Church.

And is it also the Almighty's Revenge that he (or she) made them all Baptists? Just kidding! All this "God willed the weather on you because you're evil" chatter is so ignorant. I mean, come on - "Jesus loves me, but he can't stand you." Sheesh!

Don't worry, I'm sure Walter will be able to get it up again.

I was thinking that Walter might be more of a Bedrock Baptist ... or ... mebbe a Hardcore Baptist?

What I want to know is, how did Wilma affect these people?

Speaking as a Southern Baptist, I think it's pretty . . . hmmmm . . . silly to say that a hurricane is punishment for anybody's sins; after all, in Matthew 5:45, Jesus said that God ". . . makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust."

BLT...reminds me of a poem that we like a lot in our family:

The rain it raineth every day
Upon the Just and Unjust fella,
But more upon the Just because....
The Unjust, stole the Just's Umbrella.


TN - too cute!

BLT - Not silly at all. Remember what scripture says "...God diciplines those He loves". What father (and I am one) would not punish to correct his child if they are going astray ? I correct them BECAUSE I love them. Sometimes the punishment is severe and is according to the severity of the disobedience.

It looks like Walter can't stand anything larger and more erect than himself. Wilma was just a great cover.

Walter's Baptist? Makes sense, he's obviously not Jewish...

TN - way cute poem!

Down in TX - absolutely, God disciplines us, and His punishment can be quite severe if it needs to be. While I'm certainly in favor of discipline (speaking as the mother of a Kindergartener), discipline is NOT the same thing as punishment; the original root of "discipline" actually means "to teach." And I'll just add that discipline (in both the ancient and modern senses) is most effective on an individual or very small group - rarely effective over anything larger than, say, a school classroom.

I will also state that I do NOT believe that any of our recent hurricanes were judgements on the people of LA, MS, or FL in general. The disasters are certainly under His control, and must be for a purpose, but I do not believe that purpose was wholesale judgement. After all, this comes from a God who was prepared to spare the city of Sodom if he could find just 5 righteous people there.

Hmmm...a steeple gets blown off a roof. Not the kind of blow I'd connect with Walter.

Did I just say that?

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