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October 21, 2005


Mr. Smith brings home a fun new pet.


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I always wanted a spider..I will pet, him, and hug, him,and kiss him and name him George..

I can't believe it. His wife won't let him bring it in the house? What a spoilsport. First, maybe?


His boy, El-Roy.
(Wilma got me in the mood for cartoons. Ru-roh, Rastro!)

Kill it. Kill it now. *shudders*

"For show and tell, little Roy has brought in an immense spider his father found at a construction site."

"Big deal! My dad's an accountant and he brought home a penis cheetoh he found the other day."

"Go sit in the corner, Malcolm."

Best not send Malcolm to the corner, he will get bored and start to fiddle with his cheeto.

>The extention agent declares the 6-inch long spider might be a taratula.

>Smith says he isn't allowed to bring it in the house--and then he brings it in the house.

>Smith declares that if it bit you it might hurt.

Do you get the sense that the Standard Examiner examines the standards a bit too close? (Rain tends to originate from clouds--which are in the air. This may be why it falls to the ground.

Why did they have to include a picture? Why? *shudders*


Warn us before you post a picture of a creepy-crawly like that, huh? Please, Dave? I had a bad experience with a spider that size while I was in middle school, and they still creep me out. (Yea, these many, many moons later . . . ask me not HOW many moons, for I do not care to count that high!)

Ooops. Messed up my "close italics" tag.

At least it was not coiled up in the toilet.

Did it work this time?

I've tried all the tricks I know - anyone else know how to close the italics?

Oh, goody. Never mind!

If I brought that thing home to my wife, I'm pretty sure I would have one less testicle.

I had a roommate in college who had a tarantula, I have no idea what kind of tarantula it was, except it was large and hairy and stayed in it's terrarium all the time.

I had to take care of the class tarantula once, (everyone else had bunnies, we had a spider the size of a steering wheel) and had to remove it in order to clean the cage.

Not having gloves, I was using one of my mom's potholders to pick it up until it tried to crawl up my arm and I dropped both spider and potholder into the cage.

It then crawled happily into the pot holder and remained there until I returned it to the class. We never did get the potholder back.

Oh, and its name was Strom Thurmond.

Oh, GREAT. I live in Davis County - about 10 minutes south of Farmington. I hope Mrs. Jello never finds out about this - she'll lose it.

Eww, eww, OMG, eww.

For those who wish to know just where this was found, you can use Google Earth or something to get to the coordinates:

41 ° 00' 41" N lattitude
111° 53'42" W longitude

Sean - thanks for the Loony Tunes flashback! (Bugs and Daffy are headed to Palm Springs. Bugs [missing the left turn at Albuquerque] and Daffy instead end up in the Himalayas, where they meet the Abominable Snowman, who loves little bunny rabbits. Through a costume change fiasco and Bugs' quick wit, Daffy ends up looking like a rabbit while Bugs folds his ears down. Mr. Abominable thinks Daffy is a bunny rabbit, snatches him up and begins petting him, provoking Sean's referenced line.)

Wow. TMI, ya think? And what does this say about my mind that I recall this 60-year-old cartoon clearly?

Pass me a loaded pistol and a bottle of Ricard.

p.s. Cool spider.

Was I the only one who had to do a double take on the ad for Sniders meats?

Kilmeny - I'll see your Eww and raise you and Ick.

Mr. Completely - if you don't already have it, you need this.

Auntie - fer Godssake, I've got that IN MY HEAD ALREADY!!

Thanks anyway - and shoot me now, BTW.

That would be the perfect accent to the Halloween costume I've been collecting materials for for two years but haven't made yet because I have nowhere to wear it: Arachnia, Queen of the Spider-People! Any V-ger fans commenting on this blog?

First time I've felt this compelled to post, but I have to agree with BLT.

Dave warn us. Please.

I made it through the pig collection post in the office but only because I had warning!

Wowser! More laffs than usual, as I read thru the posts ... (that is not, in case you wondered, the same as reading between the lines) ...

Mr. C ... I, too, recall that cartoon ... tho perhaps not as vividly as you seem to do ... but I'm a little confused at the (cartoon) geography ... a left turn at Albuquerque ...???

I wonder, from whence were they traveling ... ?

... oops ...

that should be: from wherce were they traveling ...

resume regularly scheduled stuff ...

If my husband brought something like into my house, I would need to burn the house down, because there is no way I would ever enter it again.

U.O. - The only time I went to Albuquerque, I took a photograph of the first intersection where I was turning left. [Pathetically true.]

Guin -

I've been thru (and stayed in) Albuquerque [don'tcha just LOVE demonstrating your expertise by spelling that work correctly? I do.] several times, tho I hafta admit, I've never turned left ...

At least it has no phallic connotations :)

Moon - Yeah, except that he named the spider "Dick."

Hi missetc!

We're all crazy - how about you? If yes, welcome! If not, welcome anyway but be careful!

people people people! Roy is the TOWN, not the kid! (hmm, and what does that say about this article all by itself?)

my better half and my son found a critter just like that one in front of our house (desert in southern arizona land) and nestled it snugly in the old aquarium, where it happily thrived and ate lots'o crickets - until the fateful day I made my son change the gravel in the aquarium. apparently, using gravel scraped from the driveway just after the bug man sprays is NOT a good idea. who woulda thunk it?

I guess I wasn't paying attention. I always thought it was a wrong turn at Albuquerque. And yes, I spelled it myself!


but I'm a little confused at the (cartoon) geography ... a left turn at Albuquerque ...???

A left "toyn" in "Albakoykee"? I always assumed Bugs was traveling west on Route 66 which makes a left turn in downtown Albuquerque.

"Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?"

"You keep out of this! He doesn't HAVE to shoot you now!"
"He does SO have to shoot me now! I DEMAND that you shoot me now!"

Retrieving and reattaching my beak, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

gdev, I couldn't read the article because I was having too much fun moving the mouse around with the round clock thingy. Guess it's a gal thing.

Also, maybe this blog needs a new warning acronym: how SEF (Strong Eewww Factor) or ALHSP (Attention: Large Hairy Spider Picture). Any ideas?

my son talked me into paying actual money for a rose tarantula, when he was in 3d grade. we installed her in the aquarium that leaked, with gravel on the bottom and a broken pot to hide in, built a screen lid, and dad outfitted it with a heating pad.

harriet the spider was a classroom pet for 9 years. the summer after her first year of classroom duty, back home with us for vacation, she constructed a huge web thing and laid a bazillion spider eggs. [we were told tarantulas can store semen for a long time, until conditions are right for egg laying...] the only up side to that part of the story is that she seemed to have eaten a lot of the babies, and none of the rest hatched. my son was incredibly disappointed, because he'd gotten his friends to agree to take bunches of them. we were relieved, because we'd been afraid none of the other parents would ever speak to us again. ever.

harriet was a hit at the school. lots of kids who weren't in her resident classroom would come by and say EWWWWWW! it was especially exciting when she shed her exoskeleton every few years. she wasn't very demanding, as a pet -- just needed a cricket every so often, and a little water in her sponge. [tarantulas can't have a bowl of water, because sometimes they drown.] every once in a while, her gravel needed washing.

"We have had people bring them into our office and pest clinic infrequently."

Hey...if I have an injured pest, it just means I need to stomp it again. Clinics don't enter into it.

Spiny -

Well, I'm not able to recall when we traveled thru there when I was (a whole lot) younger, and so I'm thinking of crossing town on I-40 ... as is the case nowadays ... tho you are correct, when the cartoon was made, the primary road thru Albuquerque was Route 66 ...

I would call my spider dezzy i love my spider and by the way ur all freaks !!!!!!!!

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