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October 31, 2005


But it would seem that the fact that there's only ONE of them, and that it's life-threateningly pointy, would be higher on the list.

(Thanks to Sahouly Ramada)


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Pointy? Mine aren't pointy.

Reminds me of my ex.

1) *SNORK* @ Judi

2) *blowing raspberries at*: "I figured eventually we would cross that bridge [discuss breastfeeding], but to have to do it now because someone felt they had to shove it in our faces..."

no one has said "Colder than a witch's t*t" yet ?

no junior, that's not a wart. and that's certainly not her nose!

Oh, nothing like political statements from inanimate objects. can i slap them?

slap away, queensbee!

people are weird.

all of them.

"Kym Goodnow" = Om, Wonky Dog

some hiaku

not on my street, please
public nursing offends me
hide the pointed teat

shove this in her face
'you might be a redneck if'
doesn't quite get it

mudman unaware
when did breastfeeding become
something to explain?

sorry not funny

I love it!! Wonder how their neighbors would react to the 'mooning scarecrow' that was all over the 'net last year -- the one with his pants down in back and two little tiny pumpkins crammed in there... Let's see: Scarecrow-guy's butt = funny. Scarecrow-woman's boob = threat to society...Sheesh...

I object to the statement that Halloween is for kids. It most certainly is not! It's for adults: (1) for parents to see how stupid they can make their children look and (2) for adults to dress up, drink beer and anonynmously grope one another (usually in that order).

Is the witch named Hazel?


"shove it in our faces." And the problem is? :-)

(Human milk is good eating, more or less by definition.)

[knew Tamara would be here after seeing the topic]

"someone felt they had to shove it in our faces, it's just rude,"

Hello gourd exposure therapy hotline?

...all joking aside...

Key Quote:

" Kym Goodnow, a mother of four living in West Brattleboro, wrote that she was not ready to explain nursing to her 4-year-old grandson, who spotted the display while they were driving home. "

Ok...am i the only one who thinks the concept of "explaining" breastfeeding to children that young is a little odd? Didn't they do it themselves quite recently?

Heck i remember doing it myself...

When my second-to-younges grandson got his new brother, he was diappointed that he couldn't have a new "instant" playmate ... then he was disappointed when he couldn't help feed little Jake ... even tho he's only four, I think his parents somehow managed to explain things to him ...

A display like this might be helpful in explaining that ...

Or not ...

Joben, that's exactly what I thought — sheesh, some four year-olds are still breast-feeding (not that I think that's healthy) — how would she explain that if one of her kid's friends were doing it? I am guessing this woman doesn't believe in breast feeding.

Besides — what's there to explain? "This is how mommies feed their babies." Seems simple enough.

Yeah, my 5-year-old already grasps the fact that his baby sister will be breastfeeding after she's born; although I attribute his understanding partly to the fact that he loves to read our "Baby Blues" comic strip collections (which handle the subject humorously, frequently, and well).

Still, most mothers I know do cover up whilst breastfeeding, at least in public. I can't say the display is in great taste, really, but I'd have said the same thing about the mooning scarecrow, too.

My sole thought on breast feeding in public:

"It is wasted on babies"

That is all.

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