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October 31, 2005


The World Famous In Some Ways Herald Hunt will go on as scheduled this Sunday in beautiful, largely electrified downtown Coral Gables. The Hunt is always a fun family event, right up until the family goes insane, often within the first 45 minutes. Here's another fine website about the Hunt created by the tropichunt.com guy, a member of the worldwide cult of Hunt followers.

So come on out Sunday. I'll be there, though I haven't taken a real shower in days, so you'll want to stand upwind.


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My first first?


Aw, I cant come home this weekend. psh.

*is sad*

You know what's fun?

Say cult of Hunt as fast as you can until you accidentally drop a very naughty swear word.

For best results, do this during sensitivity training.

If I were traveling to the Miami area, I would definitely go to this to see His Daveness. I would also stand downwind... to grok fully the fragrance which is Dave.

Gross, perhaps. But what but our sense of smell fully imprints a memory upon our fragile hearts?

Dave, I am soooooo there! I will be the person with the ice chest full of cold Heineken!

Dave, I am soooooo there! I will be the person with the ice chest full of cold Heineken!

Do they have a Mike Hunt? I'll bring my step brother...We are forced kins.

Can't wait to see y'all there! It's going to be a blast!

Did anyone else notice the clock on tropichunt.com's web site is wrong?

*ducks to avoid sock o'nickels™*


I wanna go tooooo!

I will probably NOT be at the Hunt. Not that it isn't one of the best events in South Florida. It is. The year we went without was just wrong. It's just that the puzzles make me feel so damned stupid!

I have a lower-level genius IQ but, even as I read the solutions in that Monday's paper, I STILL can't figure the thing out. I guess my mind just doesn't work that way.

The one puzzle that I will always remember: a giant pair of dice on Miami Beach. The solution was the total of the numbers on TOP of each one. One could not, of course, see the numbers from the ground. And that's one of the easier ones!

In any case, good luck!


I really REALLY wanna gooooo!

*gets out the Rand McNally, traces the route for a 16-hour drive to a place where there is no gasoline...*

So my choices are Flying to Miami for some kind of Hunt that I have no idea what I will be hunting while in a packed area with a bunch of people who smell like gas and bo mixed with 10 cans of right guard or watching the Seahawks trounce on the Arizona Cardinals after their bye week.
It is close but I am going to go with the hawks but next year it will be the hunt.

SHEwolfieEP: Thanks. No sock o' nickels comin' your way. I tweaked the clock.

However...it's always IV:XLIX:XXIV somewhere!

driving from Tampa to go this year :) I love that Herald Hunt baby!!!

Heck, after 20 years of Hunts and NEVER getting any sort of final answer, we managed to stumble onto the right answer last year. If we can do it, ANYone can!
Thanks for the Cruise, Dave! It was awesome!

i got one number for ya dave...

ZOOZ (2002) grrrrrr


Did the Hunt get pushed back because of Wilma? The Hunt has always fallen on a day when the Dolphins were either not playing, or were at least on the road.

The Dolphins will be home this Sunday and I have season tickets. And as much as I idolize the Hunt, having participated in EVERY on-foot hunt, I can't just throw 70 dollars in the trash. My only option is I could try to sell the ticket and recoup at least some of my losses. It's just aggravting

Dave: will you allow a provision for teams to submit final solutions through methods that do not involve cell phone usage? Most of the towers are still malfunctioning... and some of us don't have cell phones in the first place. Nothing like losing to a team of nine players because you can't get through at 3.00 with your team of two's one cell phone versus nine of them... =)


ok that is how that works

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