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October 19, 2005


Key quote: "Sometimes we forget to study the obvious."¹

(Thanks to Russell Mc)

¹We see no evidence of that.


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And this is news because.....?

First again? *yawn*
*hee, hee*

...And yup, still no cure for cancer.

"Among men, sex improved in four of the six categories, but the improvements were less dramatic."

Yeah, we're pretty much on an even keel - "Anywhere anyone anytime...Thinner? Sure, why not. Fatter? Well, whatever."


Who knew?

(Whom? Not meem.)

Sometimes we forget to study the obvious? Maybe because you don't need to study it. It's OBVIOUS!

Well, duh, Sunny. That's obvious.

oh double duuuh. and duh.

Well, that certainly goes without saying ...

I like it when the blog focuses on the really weighty issues in the world today....


Yeah, and speaking of "weighty" items ... since I broke my arm, the doctor tole me not to ...

oops ... family blog ... sorry ...

Well, the geezers know the joke, NEway ...

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