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October 15, 2005


Prom-Dress Rugby

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Hey! That was part of the hazing ritual at my college too. Fun to watch, but soooooo glad I wasn't a team member.

Kinda like when I went to my prom dressed in a rugby outfit. Except they didn't get thrown out.

Beats nude disco.

Do the sheep wear prom dresses at halftime, too, or has the SPCA gotten involved?

and they wonder why they didn't have dates to the prom?

Go Gators!


I want to see Prom-Shoes Rugby

Someone obviously needs a good dressing down....


It all seems so odd and disturbing but then another thought leaps in my head -- what do the cheerleaders look like?

It's not just at Florida, It's also at Brown.

I stumbled across this while flipping through channels one day, and it's way better.

We do this every year at my high school during homecoming week...the disturbing part is when some of the guys (who SIGNIFICANTLY increase their chances of getting prom date ISINMTU) decided to not wear shorts OF ANY KIND underneath their cut dresses...urgh...I'm so scarred....

Well, some people like it nice and smooth; some people like it nice and rough. GO GIRLS.

So THAT'S what I can do with that silly dress! I've been wondering since the '80's! Now...what do we do with the hairstyles?

Just to clarify, the WOMEN of Florida and Brown are the ones wearing prom dresses to play rugby, not the men. NTTAWWT.

Who'd have thought that prom-dress rugby would draw spam so quickly. It's not like we're talking about Britney Spears or anyone being naked with a mullet.

NotInBaghdad, Check the "Ted's Mullet" threads. We still look out for mullet heads around here. We love that hairdo, don't we, guys? Well at least we love Ted H-G! *winks at Ted H-G*

how about "Bridesmaids' Dress Rugby"?

this is probably the only chance some of these women get to wear a prom dress.

Go, Lambkins!!!

Meow, Crossgirl !!! But judging from a couple of those pix, true.
I hate you cheap laptops

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