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October 13, 2005


Here's a fine product for the young guy-in-training.

(Thanks to Stephen Stackwick)

(Yes, we said "Stephen Stackwick")


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Ahem ... stand-up comedy joke here ...

World's only?

Whatever ...

Look at the delighted expression on the face of the little lad standing at the urinal! How did they get that picture? Easy. The photographer just farted.

We just taught the little guy to use a tree.

But does it have a painted fly to aim at?

well ... the "spam preventer" prevented me from getting my double hat-trick ... nothing against His Daveness, or mudstuffin or anyone ... just sayin' ...

(Which sorta proves that even the "older, compassionate" guy can still get the job done ... )

First job! What did you think I meant?

Does it come with its own urinal penny?

where are the urinalcakes with cartoon characters on them? they won't be lining up for that endorsement! (except I heard that Tinky-Winky was 'into' that kind of thing)

Having had to potty train two boys, I think this is a great idea.

Memory of our youngest son when he was having problem with "aim": He would lean forward and hold the upraised lid with one hand so as to tilt in the right direction. First thing in the morning when he was especially sleepy, he would put his forehead on his hand. He looked so cute doing that.

(and before any germ police begin screaming, yes, I wiped everything on the commode down every day)

I could use one of these in my office....

MOTW - so cute!

Sadly, my little boy just discovered that you can pee standing up. My new hobby has become wiping urine from the floor, walls, and trash can. My husband also had to give him an impromptu tutoring session in urinal etiquette (evidently it's considered bad form to drop your pants to your ankles to use a restaurant urinal. Who knew).

JillyWilly: when winter comes, your husband can teacher your little guy to write his name in the snow - essential knowledge (if you live in a state taht actually has winter)

Hey, if it would convince my three year old to use the toilet regularly, i'm all for it.

I knew I had seen this before-- here on Dave's blog on March 1st of this year. Worth a revisit, however.

Stephen Stackwick is better than Stackin Stepwick
Skink chap wets, etc.
Heck, a wet pc stinks

jilly, thanks for the tip. i better check with my guys to make sure they're doing it right. no one taught me urinal etiquette so i just stressed, don't stare, and don't talk. never thought about where the pants were supposed to go. but now that i think about it. there's no moms in there cleaning up the misses. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

am still stuck on "ultimately saving parents a lot of frustration and money in unused diapers!"

ummm....parents save money in unused diapers???

funny, i use a bank

Why not simply use a stool? I wouldn't wanna clean this thing!

Blurkette - *SNORK!* As I recall, it wasn't the unused diapers that were frustrating, either...

I am potty training my soon-to-be 3-yr-old son right now. He has no interest whatsoever in using the potty. Neither sitting nor standing. The few times that I have succeeded in getting him to sit still long enough to sit on the potty nothing has happened. When I approached the subject again, he said that he already did that. I am consoling my disappointment and failure with the fact that very few children start kindergarten in diapers! So pretty soon he will realize that he is much bigger than his six-month-old sister, and he will want to get out of the diapers - I hope.

Well, I for one don't want a sample.

Consider that most guys hit mark every time, no problem. However, in our bathroom there is someone who consistantly comes short, creating a scenic river to the center drain. I think they must be actually afraid of being near porcelain. That's the number two reason why you don't want your sons to drop their pants to their ankles. The number one reason should be obvious, guys don't want even the possibility of something even accidentally touching their bare asses. That would be em-bareassi... it would be bad.

Jeez, if only I had one of them as a kid I might be normal, which means you wouldn't be reading this

Hey way back there Jilly. We live in the south. I taught my boy to write his name in the lawn. It's fun and it teaches perseverace.

Jessica R., all of my sisters and my own son were potty trained with M&Ms. (As a reward, I mean. Not a target.) It's guaranteed to work.

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