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October 23, 2005


It's National Toilet Repair Month.


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My first first!

Check toilet for silent leaks

Yeah, those silent but deadlies are the things you REALLY need to watch for...

Salient Quote: "Because of EPA standards, water is cleaner and safer to drink than ever before," Bidwell said.

Thank GOD for that! One of my dogs uses the back bathroom toilet as her main source of liquid 'cause the larger, primary dog slurps up all the water in the "official" dog bowl before she can get to it.

He forgot to mention checking your toilet for snakes.

In fact, next to the kitchen sink, the toilet is the most commonly fixed fixture in a house

I don't know where these people live, but in my house, the toilet is nowhere near the kitchen sink.

If you want to take a whirl at inspecting your toilet, plunge into these tips...

Get it?! HAR! Dave, it's a good thing that we have Mr Rooter to rely on while you're on a break.

(I know there's a low standard for toiler humor, but geez. Was their editor on vacation or what?)

Things were simpler in the olden days . . .

I'm just flushed with excitement over this!

To prevent a running toilet, replace flappers and fill valves every couple of years

What, can't you just take away its jogging shoes and duct tape it to the floor?

the "quality of water is more aggressive" nowadays? Sounds more like how you'd evaluate a merlot.

I think this deserves a 21-flush salute.

Don't forget, during this holy month, to also train your children in the art of toilet repair.

Tanks for the reminder!

I've seem some examples of crappy writing before, but this one really moves me almost to tears ...

When are Mr. Roto and Mr. Rooter finally going to "come out" as a couple?

I'm with Bumble on this one. What with the recent proliferation of toilet-inhabiting snakes and snake-inhabited toilets, I ain't getting NEAR one again (toilet OR snake). No, you DON'T want to know what I'm using instead. (MKJ - Thanks for the tip!)

I'm bowled over and flushed with excitement!

Checking your plumbing for Ophidian activity: Throw a cat/turkey/alligator in your toilet bowl. If the critter disappears, it's time to call Harry and Fawkes ; you've got toilet snakes.

And the celebration is just in time for those who seek to tear toilets off walls to escape from jail down a 4" drain pipe!

Sally --

Just as an aside, in some folks' houses, the toilet is (or, may be) the kitchen sink (or vice versa) ... just sayin' ...

One word: Champion
(the above link includes a demo of the Best Flush in action)

Late at night is when they come out
Toilet snakes
Sure you know what I’m talkin’ about
Pink ’n’ wet
They make the best kinda pet

Looked around
An’ there’s a couple right near me
Toilet snakes
Maybe I think they can probably hear me
Pink ’n’ wet
I’ll take all I can get
Sna-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-kes, yeah

They live in a ho-ho-hole
(tiny hole)
That is usually empty
(usually empty, tiny too)
They live by a code
(dit dit dit dit)
That is usually smpte
Which stands for
Society of motion picture & television engineers
Maybe I think
That is what keeps them in sync
They’re wet ’n’ they’re pink
I think I’ll give ’em a, give ’em a,
Give ’em a drink

Toilet sna-a-a-a-a-akesss

Don't forget to bring your Turd Stick.

MOTW~ I don't know what they were flushing in that demo (don't really want to), but they didn't prove that the champion toilet would be good enough for a woman I know. She once tried to flush a batch of potatoes that didn't cook right down the toilet. It clogged and overflowed, of course. Her husband was ticked. She couldn't understand why.

Brainy - here's a polished geezer badge for digging that far back in the blog for a memorable item.

mud' - I'm waving a lighted new plunge (instead of a lighter or cellphone) for your virtuosity. Bravo!

U.O. - I wonder where I can get a list of people who live like that. I want to be sure I don't get invited to their homes for dinner.

Ooo! Shiny!
*pins MOTW's badge on shirt*

"If any toilet in this administration was involved in a silent leak, it would no longer be in this administration." --George W. Bush, observing National Toilet Repair Month

Sally --

Well, I, personally, have not ever visited one of those homes, though I have spoken with people who claim to have seen such ... should such a list ever be brought to my attention, I shall surely (I know, don't call you Shirley) post it for revue on this blog ... just so everyone can make their own judgements ...

What unholy gene-splicing do you have to do to get a catturkeyalligator? Anyone? Bueller? Bumble?

IBW~ :-P It wasn't meant to be taken as one critter. The slash was to indicate a cat OR a turkey OR an alligator. Not all three. Insert your choice. Or find a gene-splicer; I don't care. Possibly Jumba Jookiba? :-)

This guy [http://makedoodoo.blogspot.com] should be busy this month! Hilarious...

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