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October 27, 2005


Please send us some cyanide. We'd go get it ourselves, but we have no gasoline.


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It's Beta as in "Bet a lot of money there'll be a Gamma"

Why do you need cyanide when there's plenty of FEMA supplied crack around? You'd get a better buzz from the crack.

Not that I have first hand knowledge of this, mind you...just sayin'...

Looks like it's gonna miss you good folks in Florida.... Dave (and Judi), beta just take a chill pill! I suggest you and Walter share a couple shots of Ricard.

*exits singing "everything's gonna be okay..."

You're kind of like those people Eddie Murphy makes fun of in the horror movies, aren't ya, Dave.

"Our daughter Carole Anne is in the TV set."
"That's peculiar."
"The walls are bleeding."

Leave! How many Old Testament Plagues do you need?

Come to the midwest, where you'll just slowly die of boredom. Except for on Fridays, when we bust out the corn hooch.

Christobol~ Boring? The midwest? Come on. We have a carbon-copy festival in each town for EVERYTHING here. My local one is the Circus City Festival.

We also have many a bluegrass pickin. I sing a mean Weeping Willow , plus many an Alison Krauss song. Come on up Dave! We'll show you a good time. In buildings with ELECTRICITY! We'll even bake you homemade cookies!

You know it's coming: Some poor schmo will have a baby in the midst of the hurricane and name it Beta.

Such a sweet old fashioned name. I'd name my kid The New iPod.

I saw a weather report yesterday on on BBC; the guy pointed to one side of the map of the UK and said "Rain". He pointed to another spot and said "Cold". Then he pointed to the Atlantic and made a circular motion and said "Cyclone".

End of report.

And by the way; I understand Florida Light and Sometimes Power isn't going to restore anything until mid November because winds keep knocking down what they've spent all summer putting up.

Bumble - not only do I agree with you, but I'll play autoharp while you sing. And I'll provide the freshly baked pies. Will you have pumpkin or apple? With ice cream or whipped cream?

P.S. My favorite version of Weeping Willow was done by The Trio: Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou Harris and Linda Ronstadt.

"I'm so glad I'm a Beta..." -Brave New World

Aunt Nancy- I think that's the recording my dad taught it to me from. The lyrics I linked to aren't quite the same as the lyrics I sing. And apple. Whipped cream. :-)

A.N. -

What kind of apples do you use in the pies? Just curious ...

(BTW, I'll have both ... with both ...)

Better watch out for this one. Beta undoubtedly has some bugs in it.

Aunt Nancy:
You bring apple pie and I'll bring my fiddle!
I know a version of Weeping Willow, but I'm not sure if it's the same one.

It's because you live in a RED STATE. Every state that really got it bad was a RED STATE. Move to a BLUE STATE & you will feel better.

U.O~ I don't know what Aunt Nancy uses, but I've found that Cortlands and Braeburns are excellent cooking apples. Great for fried apples and crisps. Braeburns are also great for just eating, as well as Fujis and Galas.

U.O. - for pies I use Jonathans.

Bumble - I like Braeburns for eating, along with Galas, Jonagolds and Honeycrisps. I also love apple cider, but the orchard near here that made the world's best cider lost its entire crop to a freeze this spring. So no cider unless I find another orchard that makes their own.

Y'all -

We've got an apple tree in the back yard @ the old homestead, and managed to pick the crop this year (we don't always get back there to do the chores), I dunno what they are, but they sure make great pies, crisps and such ... not much for eating off the tree, but super for cooking-style ...

Just sayin' ... I'll try whatever sort of apples you use ... Also, I like the Fujis, Galas and Braeburns for nibbling and noshing ... and Granny Smiths as well ...

Dave, it's meandering around Nicaragua, for goodness sakes! Relax!

Aunt Nancy~ Come see me over here in Indiana. I'll take you to Doud's and you can get some excellent cider. They sell it cold by the jug, but they also keep one of those coffee hot pots filled with free spiced cider whenever they're open. It's sooooo good. We bought their cider and spices and tried to duplicate it at home, but it wasn't as good.

Bumble - I wish I could. I look at my calendar and have this nearly overwhelming desire to run away screaming.


Aunt Nancy~ That's why I don't write things on my calendar. I figure I'll remember (or be reminded about) the really important stuff, and the rest doesn't really matter anyway. For example, today I need to do a truckload of finite math homework, maybe start on my lit paper, bake a batch of cookies and go see The Legend of Zorro at 6:45, assuming there isn't a line a mile long of obnoxious teenagers at the theater when I get there, in which case I'll go to Blockbuster tonight and bide my time. I suppose I'll have to grow up at some point, but in the meantime I'm just trying to keep the unnecessary anxiety at bay. Otherwise I'll just keep getting dry heaves before taking tests that I'm going to ace anyway.

Bumble - you don't need a calendar when you have only your life to coordinate. Wait until you're married and have kids. Then your calendar will include such fun things as Halloween parties, Brownie meetings, choir concerts, business trips to Wichita KS and Orlando FL, craft shows, day trips to Grandma's, and doctor appointments. I need the calendar to tell me who goes where when: otherwise my husband would end up at the Brownie meeting and my eight year old would be stuck in Orlando trying to tell some customer how a flight simulator works. Forget the cider---send tequila!!

Like I said, I'll have to grow up at some point, but I'm not totally there yet. And at the rate I'm going guy-wise, I'll probably never be married with kids. *sniff*

A compromise: How about hard cider? Cheers. :-)

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