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October 27, 2005


This will not help.


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*wild applause from Bloggerland for Dave*

You realize, though, that a broken mirror means seven years of bad offensive line play from the Dolphins.

Whaddaya mean, you're not surprised?

davedavedave - we miss your column. um, the white sox won. does that change things???? they have avenged their ghosts....

*zips in*
er, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y per MOTW's suggestion.

Dave wrote a column - HOORAY!!!
Excellent, Dave!
There is Joy in Mudville today! And in BlogLand.

"We got a column, we got a column. We got a column, hey-hey-hey-hey!"

~To be sung to the tune of Buckwheat and Porky's "We got a Dollar" song from The Little Rascals.

Yay!! :)


Thanks, Dave! It's been wayyyyy too long!

[sings along with Bumble's excellent musical suggestion]

It's all very clear to me now...

The hurricaines are hammering South Florida because Dave went on hiadus. This is a demonstration of disapproval by Mother Nature.

You shouldn't mess with Mother Nature, Dave. Maybe this column will placate her... for a while anyway.

Thanks, Dave! :)

a haiku:

Dave's humor column
like a breeze on a hot day
been waiting for that

I was going to say "like when you finally dislodge an enormous booger" but I coudn't make the syllables work out.

You may not be able to get gas in Vermont- I think they've begun their annual blizzard season in October this year. Whci, BTW, may be as a result of Wilma nicking the upper East Coast...

There's nothing quite like Dave's Q&As.

BTW, I think the reason for all the hurrycanes is a walrus who's kinda pissed about losing his oosik. He's out there swimming around like a, umm, mad walrus, stirring up the ocean.

Losing his Oosik ;-)


All the more impressive in that, lacking power, you had to chisel that column directly into your browser using just an oosik and some brandy.

Very MacGyver of you.

Loosing His Oosik wbagnfarb. Yes, the extra "o" is intentional.

It's wonderful to read one of your columns again, Dave!

P.S. Gasoline here in Middle of Nowhere, Virginia, is cheaper than it's been in a loooooong time.

P.P.S. But it's cold here.

I hope this means that Dave is testing the waters for coming out of hiatus ..

mud' - "like large booger dislodgement" = 7 syllables
But it's not as good as your published version. Very nice.

See? That didn't hurt a bit. You should probably start writing one every couple of weeks or so, just to get in practice and increase your endurance.


Y'all remember Cbol's MacGyver post/comment/scene from waaaay back when? Remember? Remember?? "Cough on my wank"???

Gawd, I still have to cover my face and laugh like a hyena when I think of it. Oh, good times!

OH my God..I cracked a mirror when I was 11, Oh my God, I was reponsible for Hurricane Donna...I did not need to know that Dave.

Yes, I have been watching my old hometown Naples this week on tv...wondering if the pier was going to disappear again...maybe you should move Dave? In Naples they not only do not stop at stop signs, they also have this neat little trick where they can attached the front end of thier car to the car in front of them, thus saving them gas! This is due to the fact that in Naples, you learn how to drive at age seven. You will feel right at home, and when the hurricanes hit, the mafia sends in the Soprano's, who are much better at organization than FEMA.

Well, at least one good thing came out of this hurricane...ingratiating bloggers bringing out thier best boogers!

mud' -

I had to resort to a little french, but:

Dave's humor column
like a breath after losing
a tres large booger

That was a great column, and much needed, I would suppose, especially by the people of Southern Florida.

Great to read ya, Dave! You've been missed.

So this is what it takes to get a column out of Dave? Well, whatever works!

... um ... great, and all that ... but, did anyone else check/click on the bottom ad about South Dakota Hurricanes? !!!

I mean, all this time ... who knew? (Not hu nu, or hew gnu)


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - god I hated those tests.
Dave you are a funny guy.

Hey! That column was by Dave Barry! I've heard of him!!

happy dance.... I read a new dave column today... happy happy happy dance..... YEEEEE HAWWWWW

Dear Dave,
Another Hilarious column. Did you ever stop to think the reason you are being hit by some many hurricanes is that you arent writting more? Just think writting your column more often (say once a week) would send all of these hurricanes to D.C. which would be a good thing.

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