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October 19, 2005


Three words: Swedish zombie worms

(Thanks to everybody on the Internet)


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"bone-eating snot-flower" wNbagnfarb.

the new species has been named Osedax mucofloris, which literally means "bone-eating snot-flower"

Doncha love how a little Latin dresses anything up for formal occasions?

"bone-eating snot-flower".

I thought that was Bush's affectionate nickname for Carl Rove...

Back in the commune, a couple named their little baby girl "Bone-Eating Snot-Flower".

But she changed it. She now goes by the name "Ann Coulter"

"The Vestimentiferan Tubeworms" WBAGNFARB, though they'd probably need to shorten it to "The Tubeworms".

...so they are quite snotty. That is probably a defence mechanism.

This defense mechanism also works on the hands of adolescent boys.

jamester and slyeyes: the same could be said of Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe, and also Eleanor Clift.

...they are quite snotty. That is probably a defence mechanism.

Works for me! I mean... I would stay away.

Bone-eating snot-flower kinda reminds me of an ex somewhere....

It sort of sounds to me like an endearment you'd hear tucked into one of Pepe Le Pew's speeches.

Ah my leetle love angel. My bone-eating snot-flower. Come, let me keess you.

Look at the third picture. Apparently, the snot flower also feeds on the carcasses of old-style Terminator cyborgs.

"The female Pacific worms keep males inside their tube as a sort of little harem"....

ahhh, to be kept inside the tube.....

Ladies and Gentlemen please put your hands together for the Snot-Flowers!

*is reduced to helpless giggles by the bone-eating snot flower*

Walter needs to stay away from these things!

"Booger Blossom" would be a good nickname for it.

I would just like to state for the record that there is NO CONNECTION between myself and the Swedish Zombie Worms.




Stop looking at me that way! I don't even like sushi!


Frankly speaking, if I see zombie worms on the ocean flor, I'll consider that they are some unusual underwater flowers.
Interesting phenomena to look into.

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