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October 29, 2005


The snakes are getting brazen.


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Hasta la vista, Baby.

king snakes were farmers friends when i was a kid in Iowa, before "chemical" farming.

they were very welcome around the graineries. i was always a bit unnerved by them but i disliked the rats and mice more, so the kings were OK.
as much as we all recognised their value they were A OK in the farmyard but nobody wanted them in the house.

"In July, a St. Thomas couple woke up to find the same type of snake wrapped around their infant son's neck.

The infant had a small bite on his neck left by the non-venomous, black and white snake."

OK, if you want to have snakes as pets, fine. But if you're so careless with them that you find one has WRAPPED ITSELF AROUND A BABY BOY'S NECK AND BIT HIM, and you still don't decide to get rid of them, not only should you not be a snake owner, you should never EVER be a parent. Heck, you should not be alive. You should be lowered into a pit of deadly snakes and left there.

"She's harmless. She's never bitten anyone."

I'm sorry. Any snake capable of biting or constricting is NOT harmless, whether it's poisonous or not.

*zips in*

I'm with Bumble on this one. The snake thing is getting way out of control and MUST BE STOPPED!!!

There was what appeared to be a small dead albino snake in the middle of the street in front of my house and a crow came along and kept trying to pick it up, over and over and over, and he/she kept dropping it! Disgusting. Way to au natural for me.

I think I'm going to sell my house and move into a high rise that does NOT permit snakes to be house pets!

It's not for the nervous or flighty
Finding the Burns' Aphrodite
The owners were charged
for a snake too enlarged
Plus the cost of a fright-soiled nightie!

insom~ Here's another *snork* to add to your ever-growing collection. :-) Nice.

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Really James?

"She's harmless. She's never bitten anyone."

I was told this about a French poodle, right after it had bitten me on my calf.

sly, same here but with a chihuahua

sly & Alliekat~ Mom had the same experience with a Daschund. What is it about the little yippy dogs?

Ah, Yessss ... reminds me of the old W.C. Fields classic ... The Dentist's Office or something like that ...

The lady patient is standing on the chair platform, and telling the Dentist (Fields) about this little dog that kept nipping at her heels ... she's bent over at the waist, and her ... posterior ... (which is an attractive thing in itself, tho not worth a dom in a fight ... to steal from yet another joke) is pointed directly at his face ... she keeps on and on about this little dog nipping (as she points at her heels) to describe the event ...

Fields says (in his inimitable nasal style): You're fortunate that it wasn't a Newfoundland ...

Sorry for the digression ... the film is worth a look, if you like that sort of humor ... (lots of great sight gags, as well) ...

Little dogs nip at your heels, 'cuz they can't reach any higher ... be thankful ...

"The reptile is about 1.3 metres (four feet) long -- about the length of a broom handle."

After reporting the length of the snake in both metric and imperial units, why was it thought necessary to introduce a third unit of measurment, the broom-handle-equivalency unit?

Is there anyone on the planet who wouldn't understand 1.3 meters or 4 feet, or both?

Actually, not being a scientist, I still do not have metric measurements in my head, so appreciated the comparison. As far as I am concerned, any snake of any length wrapping itself around a baby needs to be outlawed. What kind of trauma did that baby endure, and how will he ever be able to carry them in his pockets when he becomes a little boy?

What if it was a little girl baby? ... um ... nevermind ...

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