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October 27, 2005


What we do, here in South Florida, is look for gasoline. If we see a line of cars anywhere, we get in the line, in case it's for gasoline. If it turns out to be a drive-thru line for Burger King, we ask if they have any gasoline. We park at gas stations that aren't open, and have not been open for days, in case they will suddenly open, and we will have gasoline. We will burn 15 gallons of gasoline trying to find an open gas station, where, if we are very lucky, we will be allowed to purchase seven gallons of gasoline. We are like crack addicts, except our situation is worse, because there is plenty of crack available, thanks to FEMA.


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I know about Burger King giving you gas. That's why we don't eat there anymore.

"Crack addcits"?

What's the price (at these holdup conditions)?

Gas prices in Nodak are at the $2.30-2.40 level ... just sayin' ...

Of course, a good friend, a caring and loving individual, with plenty of sympathy to spare, would email you some gasoline, Dave ...

Unfortunately, I'm not licensed for that procedure ... but I'd really like to help ...

Too bad you didn't purchase that gas/crack hybrid car when you had the chance.

Ya know....if I didn't know any better, I'd swear Dave was critical of FEMA's performance during this hurricane season. It's just this hunch I'm getting. Can't really explain why....maybe I'm psychic.

If you buy lots of crack, do you need any gasoline to get places? just askin'.

if you recall, our governor assured us that we did not need to horde gas as there was a vast reserve already in place to take care of the needs of all floridians. he did not, however, make any reference to it actually being made available. silly us!

crossgirl: Don't blame yourself or feel bad about believing him. He seemed soooooooo sincere when he said it. Even I, here in su.so.ca. thought Whew! for all the Floridians....

The apples don't fall far from the (Bush) tree, that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I'm lucky. I have not had to leave my house since the storm him, so I still have a full tank of gas in my van. I've been fortunate enough to NOT have to leave.

My work (in Miramar) is still without power. My wife's company (in Miami Lakes) has power, so she returned to work. I'm playing Mr. Mom...or Mrs. Dad...or whatever....for the time being. :) I'm also playing Roof Contractor Poker while trying to get my roof fixed.

Stay safe, everyone.


I know what you mean about gas! The first week after Katrina hit, the few gas stations that WERE open that DID have gas (and lines out the wazooty too) would only let us purchase $30 worth of gas, which, in today'w economy, is equivalent to roughly 1.6 deciliters.

Good luck Dave. We're praying for your gas tank.


Just fill your tank up with

with beer..


May I suggest that everyone east of the Rocky Mountains simply move out here to California? Hurricane-free for... like, EVER. (According to USA TODAY, No hurricane is on record as ever hitting the USA's West Coast, and meteorologists know of only one tropical storm that hit California as the 39 mph or faster winds needed to define it as a tropical storm. California's one, confirmed tropcial storm came ashore near Long Beach in late September 1939 with 50 mph winds. Since this was before forecasters began naming storms, it has no formal name.)

Earthquakes? At least they're over in a few seconds.

And gasoline is $2.65 a gallon.

Why not design cars that run on crack?

Year: 2089

Dad: Son, gimme ur crack, the tank's empty.
Son: But Daaaaaad!
Dad: Do u wanna get to school on time or wat?

Me: Hey, kids, Let's move away from all the hurricanes!We'll go to California, where Paris Hilton lives!


shuKy - Wouldn't want to waste perfectly good beer that way. I'd rather just stay home, and drink the beer! Which we always have lots of on hand during a hurricane.

Around Tuesday the weather was great for going for a long walk and watching people fighting at the gas stations.

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