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October 12, 2005


Not saying another word.

(Thanks to someone signing her email "The Odd Wife")


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The FIRST thing I'd note is that it requires a HAZ MAT certification, which I don't have. Darn the luck.

Career advancement. Is that when you move into the "triple-tested" department at Trojan?

It also requires an Alaska Driver's license?

I'd like to see the test they administer for that.

6 months experienced required huh. After 6 months you wouldnt have any energy left.

If I can have the job I promise to forgo the career advancement...

There are just so many possibilities with this one. Where to start? How 'bout the part that says "this is winter work and starts in January."

Could give new meaning to the term "frigid".

Do I get to operate it on myself?!

And I get PAID for this?!

This sound like a job that all DB blogits would qualify for!!

Addicted: good post *snork* :)

Geez, they require a license for EVERYTHING now.


that's some serious vibratin'

I'd love a job like that! You get to work in a pleasurable environment, and I'm sure you would pick up some "good vibes" from your co-workers.

Everybody: "Gotta keep them lovin' good..vibrations ah-happening with her..."

not only the amount of time, but 50+ pounds? Wow.

Hmm. Applied and was turned down because I'm overqualifed. Sheesh. You'd think they'd want an experienced hand at the switch.

I'm proud to see my wife's submission get posted, but I had to wrestle the applicatiion away from her and tear it up.

(In hindsight I may not be proud to admit she applied.)

The way I interpret the "experience" item is that you need six months doing this ... but the job only lasts 4 to 30 days ... which means that you've been doing this for (at least) six years, possibly as many as 24 years ...

They really want a professional, to handle this job ...

(Said too much already.)

All of the obvious comments aside (which you have all beaten me to) I'm guessing that this is some large industrial vehicle that breaks up ice or some such thing. Just got me wondering about the long (or even short) term effects of sitting in one of these things 12 to 15 hours a day, seven days a week.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. You really should know the equipment you're going to be working with:
"http://tinyurl.com/989zz". For experience vibrator operators, I recommend the gas powered unit with the flexible shaft and the 2-1/2 inch attachment.

Chauncy, the item you linked to is made by Wacker?

It's the same old problem -- how do you get the 6 months of experience without first worling the job. Do they offer an internship?

Check the specs on the SM7-S model ... 23 feet long! (Tho the biggest they've got is only one inch in diameter ... ??? WTF???

And ...

They are supplied (oops, almost said "come") with a Honda motor ... dang foreigners ... moving in on (har!) even this aspect of our lives ...

{{{{{all shook up}}}}}

Yes, this is only one of the humorous sounding occupations in the construction world. Others are (IANMTU)

Lazer Gun
Hod Carrier

Sounds Interesting Job. Let me try. Thanks

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