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October 20, 2005


But they play dirty.

(Thanks to Ted Hawkeye-Gabr)


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I just went to my FIRST game at the renovated Kinnick last weekend... didn't get locker room access, though. GO HAWKS!

A picture of Walter in their team uniform would freak them out more.

Not only do they play Dirty, But they are extremely CLEAN about it!

As if the pink locker room wasn't enough, someone did this to the stadium grass.

Uh -- the color pink is demeaning to homosexuals? Those professors have way too much time on their hands....

hmmm I went to a rather small private high school that for lack or resources required the opposing teams to use the girls locker room which happen to be pink. They still crushed us every time.

ps: my college team sucked as well but at least there were no pink locker rooms.

My daughter is a freshman at Univ of Iowa. I'll have to have her see if she can get into that locker room and see how pink it really is.

Since the Hawkeyes seem to be in the mood for remodeling/rennovation, they could just paint over the wordy dirds until the grass grows back ...

bait: The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank

...As seen in next week's episode of Queer Eye for the Tailback"

several professors at Iowa said the color demeans women and homosexuals.

If this was true, every ten year-old girl in America would be guilty of a hate crime.

Is this a sexist thing?? I think it is!


"It's nothing -- it's pink walls"

The sure put a lot of energy and effort into nothing.

Michigan is going to spank them anyway. Go Blue!

notice that ol' Bo seemed to be the person most intimidated by the pink walls.


Wanna take a wager on that spanking? Hawks streak of home victories will continue to 24. mark my words.

next week: lavender scented soap in the showers

week after: Muzak plays only Elton John, George Michael, and Frankie goes to Hollywood

Not that it matters, but even though my alma mater's football team stinks, they still beat Iowa.


*ducks to avoid incoming pink footballs*

Key quote: Officials say they're still looking into the culprit.


Won't that hurt him/her?

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