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October 28, 2005


Proof that lobsters are not the cockroaches of the sea: They're the cricket-rabbits of the sea.

(Thanks to Stupendous Man)


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This sounds like a genetic engineering experiment gone horribly wrong...

musical furry lobster - Sounds like a cartoon character.

It's Rickatee! The Musical Furry Lobster!

bet it's yummy with melted butter.

That article is loaded with gems.

And by the way, how good are the researchers if they eat the results of their work?

cool blog :)

good luck

Crikey! Throw another furry, chipring lobster on the barbie, there, mate!

ps: KOW, most Australian wildlife is like a genetic engineering experiment gone horribly wrong.

Geeez....I'M furry and chirp....and have been known to hide under rocks...why aren't the scientists interested in ME?

Crikey! Throw another furry, chipring lobster on the barbie, there, mate!

ps: KOW, most Australian wildlife is like a genetic engineering experiment gone horribly wrong.

"Musical", "furry", and "lobster" are usually not seen together in a paragraph, nevermind in combination.

Usually lobster doesn't get furry until it's been sitting in the refrigerator for about 3 weeks.

Leave it to the French:
"Vat ees eet?"
"Ah doan know."
"Let's eat eet."

And who was the first person to ever see a lobster, which is basically a spiny, ugly, seagoing spider, and say to himself, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna eat me one of those"?

Probably French, whoever he was.

(Note to self: Must switch to decaf.)

Punkin - Maybe you should move to Australia?

First French Researcher: I've discovered a new genus of lobster!
Second French Researcher: How's it taste?

Seems only reasonable. If I found a lobster, my reaction is not "let's analyse this to see if it is a new genus". My reaction is "heat up the butter"! Peut-etre je suis francais!

Then my old beanie baby lobster is pretty much a perfect match... without the sound of course.


Yes Cap'n..

Thought Intriguing Quote: It's not clear why the lobster makes this sound, but scientists say it may be for mating or defending their territory.

Hmmm...I think this finally explains the noises produced by Milli Vanilli and Eminem...

Yes, Sulu is gay. And cricket rabbits sing when they rub their legs together. Not that there is a connection and if there is, NTTAWWT.

Of course, the french are involved so the connection isn't much of a stretch....

Rumour has it the French researchers . . . didn't realise its significance. So, they ate it for dinner.

I could SWEAR I saw that in a Monty Python skit.

Reef HQ? That's what I called my dorm room in college.

But the good news is that scientists are now assuming there are plenty of similar creatures out there.

Marine Biologist: And when swimming, remember to watch out for ferretfish, aquamonkeys, and hyrobears.

Tourist:Really? You have those? Do they really exist?

Marine Biologist: You can't prove they don't.

Sorry, Mr. C, but I'm gonna have to suggest that Punkin Poo move to France. Then she's sure to get eaten.

Sarcasmo: Honorary rimshot for you: ba-DA (pish)!

Good one.

Patrick Filmer-Sankey =

seminary kraft pickle
kinky mires afterclap
fir playmate knickers
friskier manly packet
freaky catnip milkers
freaky manliest prick
playtime snarf kicker
ramify spanker tickle

and (drum roll....)

I'm a slinky pecker fart!

(in a "related story" link)

"The pygmy goby could one day provide clues about how humans age or at least teach us how to make the most of our own shelf life, Depczynski says."

wonder if we'll be stamped with "best when used by" dates?

Sulu is gay ? Why....I would have NEVER guessed ! Free sarcasm included.

Mud: *SNORK*

"Friskier Manly Packet"??
"Freaky Manliest Prick"??

I repeat: *SNORK*.

Too funny.

Just Sayin' -- Reminds me of when I got tested for STDs after my first wife and I divorced. After getting the results (negative, thank God), the helpful folks at the clinic handed me a paper bag FULL of condoms. Musta been hundreds of them. Anyway, I got home and dumped them out, and noticed they had EXPIRATION DATES on them. I remember thinking to myself, "Sh*t, I don't need that kind of pressure!"

Hmm. I'll be getting the D-word soon, followed by STD testing as well. At least now I have something to look forward to!

"So, all clean then, eh, Doc?" [claps, rubs hands together] "Any... gooodieees for me then? Eh? Know whaddi mean? Wink-wink? Nudge-nudge??"

("I'd like to give some blood, please--WOAAHHH!")


Hope all goes well. Side note: Condoms make wonderful balloon substitutes for making balloon animals.

I hate balloon animals. I dated a clown once, 'til she twisted my you-know-what into a poodle.

Perhaps the plaintiff in that Brazilian right-to-orgasm suit could use the old "condom expiration date" defense: Your honor, I suddenly realized that midnight had struck, and all my condoms had expired.

Mr. C .. LOL:D

All I had to do to get eaten was move to France?????



(Sound of Punkin running out the door and speeding off - in a standard)

Betsey, I hate when that happens.

Tropichuntguy.com -

Re: Milli Vanilli. Technically, they didn't make their own sounds.

Sorry, tropichunt.com guy™, I should have cut and pasted your name, rather than trying to remember it.

Sallyacious: That's ok. I'm happy with whatever form the name takes...as long as you're not slandering it... ;)

And, responding to your comment...you're right. :)

Would it be slander to say that I always read it as:

Tropi - chunt

This one is so easy, I almost hate to ... nah, that never stopped me before ... why should today be any different?

Key Quote: "It's also furry. If you pick it up and handle it, the shell doesn't feel like hard and spiny like a typical lobster, it actually feels like felt," Filmer-Sankey says.

So ... in other words, he felt it, and then his reaction was that he felt that it felt like felt ...

(I love wordplay ... what else is new?)

I can't believe that nobody else has pointed out that "Musical Furry Lobsters" WBAGNFARB.

"The Stridulatory Crays" also WBAGNFARB! Also, how does Punkin Poo expect to get to France in a car? There's a mighty big ocean in the way...

at least the Reef HQ has the decency to recreate the little bugger's natural environment complete with bleached out plastic stadium cup


*liberates a 'slinky pecker fart'*

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