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October 26, 2005


You're probably geek enough to admit it. Please feel free to humiliate yourself in the comments section.

(Thanks to Paul Masters)


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Wow. I thought I was a geek, but I wouldn't stoop so low. Just... wow.

Woo Hoo!!! Mad props to me!! The Stealth Bloggerette used one of my submissions!!! (And you know I ALWAYS submit to Judi.)

I'm so proud I could pee... but not in this thing.

The product misses the true point of a big gulp cup--it's reusable, IYKWIM.

Why buy something that only holds urine when you can buy something that holds a LOT of soda first and that would (if your standards of hygiene are low enough that you pee into a container rather than leave the keyboard for a minute) hold a LOT of urine later?

and a toilet seat work station chair for work, right?


Puts the "P" back into I P O !


this only handles #1.

try kitty litter. it's all purpose.

This device isn't a convenience for die-hard bloggers, virtual contestants, etc.


No fair! And yet more evidence of discrimination against women!!!

yessss, something i'm not enough of a nerd to qualify for. i was dreading clicking on the link and finding a dog dressed up as darth vader or something...hahaha.

Not original. Truckers and hospitals already have these.

Nothing I've ever done on the internet was important enough that I would use one of those even if I could, which I can't, being a woman.

"Each urinal is made with hard plastic and comes with a handy female adapter. "

so don't feel left out!

The price is right!

This is silly. If you're so worried about missing something important online, get a wireless router and a laptop. Then you can sit on the can and surf to your heart's delight. If you can get someone to bring you food, you may never have to leave your bathroom again.

Holds 32 oz. of liquid (same as a Big Gulp!).

I wish you hadn't told me that, Judi.

Golly, Aunt Nancy, thanks for the visual delights dancing in my head. Come to think of it, though, if your idea could get nerds to never leave the bathroom, they might not ever procreate again, which is truly Darwinian. But will Domino's deliver to a bathroom?


Yes they'll deliver there, because I..... um.....



Yes, I think they'll deliver there.

Aha! A nerd! I knew it!
Dean, consider yourself out of the closet, er, bathroom.

Sorry, these have been around a long time for pilots.


And we thought the WHEEL was cool....

I had an interesting experience on the way to the blog ... (this is mostly off-thread, but since it's computer related ... besides, when did that ever stop me?)

I opened an email from a buddy, who was trying to help me 'cuz the blog disappeared from my access/computer for about an hour last night ... it came back later, much like Dave's trees might choose to do ...

The mail included an attachment ... which, I supposedly could click, and find the blog ...

The following "warning" was posted instead:

Hotmail has permanently blocked the following potentially unsafe attachment(s): DaveBarry_sBlog.url ...

How's that for lasting fame, Dave? MSN considers you to be "potentially unsafe" ... and ... logic requires that all us bloggers here are likewise ...

(Just FYI ... I'm about ready to dump that mailbox, for several reasons ... but this one capped it off ... as soon as I clear up a few details, Bill's Bandits are history ... on my Mac, at least ...)

THEN ... checking another mailbox, I got a spam offering me 90-days, risk free, of AOL ...

Talk about your "frying pan, into the fire" ... eh, Duckwheat?

Sorry, with the MSN attitude/problems, I don't need to go to AOL ...

Has anyone else had a similar (blockage of Dave) problem/experience?

Just curious ...

tnx4 listening ... resume regular stuff ...

huh. Must be power of suggestion, because now, I gotta go.

Read your blogs with Bloglines - you can go here - http://www.bloglines.com/register - to register.

I wonder what would happen if my boss/slave master found out about these? No more potty breaks for me! That's what would happen!

Strangely enough, I had not only heard of this product....I saw one in person. At a local art store. Which also sells Jesus action figures. With magic gliding action. See here.

Archie McPhee has the best stuff. I neeeed one of those APATHY wristbands. And I don't care who knows it!

Tag, you're it.

U.O, as someone who is a tad squemish, I really don't need to know more about Dave's blockages...

tonymus -

sorry ... just trineta help ... mebbe I shoulda emailed Dave some Ex-Lax(TM)?

whoa, this was posted yesterday and not one of you has commented on the little monkey on the right side of the page requesting you send in your action shots!?! buncha slackers.

illinifroggy, I just spent an hour staring at all the stuff on that site & sending links to individual items to my friends. I am about to purchase my 4-yr-old daughter's Christmas gifts from this site.

...How long do you think she'll hate me for the rubber chicken?

Wow... a handy dandy women adapter! One more step towards gender equality.

"The Handy Female Adapters" WBAGNF an all-female rock band--actually, I think that was the first name the Go-Gos tried.

"The Handy Female Adapters" would be a great name for an all-female rock band!

I just tried sending this and one or another of the @*&#%$ing machines wouldn't send it through! WT*?

"The Handy Female Adapters" WBAGNFARB! (All-female type, of course)

Apologies for the multiple posting--something is or was acting up, on which end (or in the middle?) of the transmission I do not know.

Thought the following fits your gift list...


no real advances in pen technology since the space pen… until now. Presenting, from Susblood Labs in research haven Las Vegas, NV, the ballpoint pen that will actually bring peace to the middle east.
LAS VEGAS, NV - October 25, 2005 - With global suicide bombings on the rise, more and more innocent lives are being destroyed. In response, Susblood Labs, LLC is introducing a quality writing instrument that contains a potent formulation including a non-toxic, cryogenically frozen porcine plasma (pig’s blood) as a key component.
Susblood Labs, LLC is today announcing the release of a new ergonomic and completely functional ball point pen called “Infidel’s Revenge”. This pen is a high quality writing instrument and incorporates the same technology used in the company’s industrial product line. … This pen can now be purchased by any consumer, and provides a simple and effective way for everyone to fight terrorism.
“Finally, there is something we can all do to prevent terror attacks. Using the new Susblood pens for your everyday writing needs means that terror prevention technology will be resident in every drawer, every purse, every pocket everywhere, thereby eliminating the terrorists’ primary motivation for homicide bombing,” states Dr. Susblood.
Oh, Dr. Susblood. We wish all our press releases came from Groucho Marx characters.
Susblood Labs, LLC

This is nothing new, military guys (and gals) in need of relief have been doing this for ages. They don't need a fancy device however, they simply reuse the handy plastic packet that their MRE (meal ready to eat)comes in. (For the women, you need to take your knife and cut the top at an angle to create the Handy Female Adapter.) That said, anyone who would use a device like this when there is a perfectly good flush toilet readily accessible really needs to see about getting a life.

How come my legs fall asleep on the can every time, but not when I am surfing the net? I mean, I am sitting for long periods of time in both situations (I read on the jon), is it just because of the elbows?
Luckily, they don't fall asleep when I would need to use this thing (I stand) otherwise it might not be so unreasonable.

The kicker is that one of my neighbors got my dad one of these for long car rides because he made them pull over in gridlock so he could get out and relieve himself on the side of the road. It is still sitting in the trunk of my parent's car.

U.O. -I was blocked from this blog once, also. It was a pretty scary couple of hours!

Wouldn't these be great for people stuck in traffic jams while driving to get away from hurricanes!

southerngirl -

Now that you mention it, I seem to remember that ... I've been "lost" (not connected) a few times, and that's merely angrifying ... being blocked would be frightening ...

sg -

I meant that I seem to remember you commenting on that ... I'm not claiming ESP or MREs or PCBs or SOL or PDQ or any of those sort of things ...

Here's a news item that just came in earlier today.


maybe Ford could buy the people a bunch of the Internet Urinals! Wait. I think I'll send the idea to Ford and maybe get a new car! Or $1.98, whichever is worth more.

do not throw cigarette butts in the urinals. it makes them soggy and hard to light.-graffiti in bathroom at Lola's, Houston TX.

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