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October 19, 2005


It's lonely up there.


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Iceland, where men are men and the cows are NERVOUS!

land of accent marks.

not just a cow-o-phile but a chauvinistic one!

also ,outside an Icelandic bar...

he: hey, baby, what's your name?

she: Asthildur Skjaldarsdottir

he: want to go inside before the spit on my face freezes?

Time must move slowly up there too. Their daily photo is more that a month old.

Ágústsson is is very fond of Icelandic cows. In the year 2000, at the close of a meeting in Stóra-Ármót, in an incidence that was much photographed and still talked about, Ágústsson walked down to the cowshed and kissed the cow Skrauta. In most countries, that's an act that would get you stripped of your accent marks.

Here's hoping that Skrauta is a cow's name and not an Icelandic word for a body part.

Maybe it's a typo and it's really supposed to say "kissed the cow's krauta."

Did anyone click on the image of the rather good looking Icelandic woman on the right of that page? Takes you to the web site for the Iceland Review. I'm looking it over, and I'm saying to myself, "What the hell is that on that woman's head?"

"The Cow-Kissin' Ministers" WBAGNFA C&W band!

The good looking icelandic woman link to the Iceland review appears on the left in my window. She seems to be sitting on a bed, eating an entire gallon of icecream(?), wearing a fedora and funky go go boots. Clicking on her leads to a page wear another attractive woman wearing what appears to be a grain silo on her head, eating an icecream cone.

I think that hat's made from a cow's krauta.

D'ya notice the next story?

Discussions concerning on the future of the US led- Iceland Defense Force...

Has Anyone EVER attacked Iceland??

Speaking of Iceland, I heard on the radio this a.m. that some country music outfit (Big & Rich? Brooks & Dunn? Somebody else and another guy? ... NO! I think it was Montgomery Gentry ... unless it wasn't ...) is taking a video crew to Iceland to do a new music video ...

Iceland? (that's what the DJ thot, too ...)

I've been to Iceland. Beautiful country. Check out the first 20 minutes of "Batman Begins" to see an example of one of the five different terrains in Iceland. They have a tradition there that states, in effect, that you can do pretty much anything you want while you are drunk and nobody is allowed to talk about it later, when you are sober.

Oh, so my point was, he must have been sober when he kissed that cow!

In some parts of the world, they kiss snakes.
In some parts of the world, they kiss pigs.
In some parts of the world, they kiss dogs.
And I've even heard in some parts of the world..
men kiss their wives.

But not in Iceland. Evidently the bird flu has not been found there yet, and it's still safe to go out on a Saturday night and kiss yourself a few cows.

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