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October 26, 2005


This story is not funny, but we like the snowman.

(Thanks to Ben Faulk)


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what snowman? i didn't see no stinking snowman????

*trying again, lost first post*

great snowmen

You think suicidal snowmen are funny?

It wbagnfarb.

I don't know about Miamior's bust, but I got a thing for Angelina's bust.

Poor deluded snowman.

anyone remember calvin and hobbs'
snowmen of doom?

**crossing fingers while typing link and hoping it worked**

MOTW: Love Calvinball!

azred: very cool!

*sigh* I miss Calvin.....

Azred - THANK YOU for the Calvin flashback.

Eleanor - I'm with you. Loved Calvin and Hobbes and miss them terribly.

azred - laughed sooooo hard...I miss Calvin to. :(

"It not only gets us excited about the season but it gets the phones ringing." Huh. So much for excitement in Vermont.

And re The Snowmen of Doom; I just KNEW the eggplant one was in there. My fave (the cartoon, not the eggplant)

"Miami or Bust"

I assume he means Miami OHIO.

I miss Calvin and Hobbes a lot and loved the snowmen strips.

Anybody that likes the snowmen, probably likes the jack o'lanterns at this location.

azred~ I always liked the "eggplant casserole" one especially. Thanks for posting that. :-)


spinner8, that looks like a link to a you-know-what site...


Good grief, I hadn't scrolled down to look at the small links at the bottom of the page I linked to. Sorry, everyone, it's a site that got e-mailed to me by a friend, and I laughed at the pictures of pumpkins carved in disturbing ways. Apparently Eleanor has a better eye for detail than I do.


Speaking of Calvin, did anyone else catch this article the other day on CNN?

Apparently Eleanor has a better eye for detail than I do.

Or a better eye for you-know-what *snork*.

Not a problem! :)

Azred--thank you for the snowmen link. I'm still laughing and crying. I'd forgotten just how good those strips are.

I miss Calvin and Hobbes. And as much as I'd love to have a cute little Hobbes stuffed toy, I admire Watterson for not allowing licensing of his characters.

Yes, but look at how many people are out there stealing from Watterson ... making knock-off copies of the characters ... violation of the copyright law, is what it is ...

However, since Bill is media-shy, no action or lawsuits are entered into the courts, and the ripoffs continue ...

(I'm sure many of you have seen the window decals with a Calvin-figure performing micturition on certain product logos ... and other instances are used publically as well ...

... end of ... comments ... for now ...

Walter should be introduced to the Snowman, they can become good friends.

Yeah, U.O., I've seen the ripoffs. Maybe we should join together on Bill's behalf and sue the bastards.

For some reason the words "class action" are ringing in my head. I'm sure we devout Watterson fans all feel actual pain and suffering every time we see dear Calvin "micturiting" (sp?/word?) on our favorite collegiate football team's mascot.

UO - thanks for the word of the day - micturition

Jacki -

Micturiting works well, tho I've always been partial to "micturitioning" ... whatever ... it's sometimes a real conversation stopper, 'cuz not many people realize what it means -- unless they took some of the more advanced biology/anatomy/physiology courses in school ...

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