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October 31, 2005


But be careful tonight. You never know what could be lurking out there.


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His music is banned by municipal ordinance because it freaks out the kids too much.

They keep hearing a voice singing "Oh Mandy" in their heads for days.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand first!

Personally, I prefer Copacabana. Aaaaaaagh!! Just Kidding!

So, Dave, what is Sophie going to be? Or is the lack of power keeping y'all home?

Dave somethings are just to scary even for today of all days

D@mn! Dave caught me again!

must concentrate, must concentrate, must concentrate

mmmm.... Manilow brains!!!

Not to mention the snakes and attack squirrels (though they've been quite of late. I'm sure they're planning something).

Aaaarrggghhhh!! My eyes, my eyes!

If you really want to be frightened so deeply that poop in your pants, imagine this merry troup knocking at your door.

Aaaarrggghhhh!! His eyes, His eyes!

YIKES - the Barry Manilow link was REALLY scary!

If you want something a bit more "safe for work", surf on over tonight to the Halloween Webcam - should have quite a few trick-or-treaters here tonight and you can watch it live ... plus turn the lights on and off and inflate/deflate Frankenstein - see

Dang! It is almost as scary as THIS

ARGH! Ya got me!

PS - Daveness, I pre-ordered the new book,--because I'm fully of whimsy, and pre-ordering seemed so whimsical at the time--and the company I purchased said book from said they expect the publication date to be Jan 17th-ish. However, I discovered you will be in [my] town to write on other people's books only two days later.

So I may be purchasing two copies of this new book. [squinty-eyed glare] Very clever, Daveness. Very clever, indeed.

i went to a halloween party on friday night (dressed as a pirate...yarrr) and the guy hosting the party was dressed as jack from 24. just thought ya'll would appreciate that better than most people.

Sigh. That's what we get for being too trusting. Note to self: Do not trust Dave, ever.

And that Bette Midler CD that Barry just produced? If you buy it, you still can't play it the way you want -- Sony broke it on purpose with their DRM !@#&!%*#. Second note to self: do not buy Sony's defective CD's (unless I only want to look at the pretty cover).

Come on, Kibby, you need to be prepared for Dave's tricky little Manimoves.

went to a halloween party on friday night (dressed as a pirate...yarrr) and the guy hosting the party was dressed as jack from 24. just thought ya'll would appreciate that better than most people.

Uh, jamie, I almost hate to ask, but...dressed as Jack? What did that entail exactly? Black turtleneck, cell phone and gun to shoot people in the thigh?

*sigh* Dang it, I'm STILL gullible; Dave got me with Manilow - AGAIN.

trust no one, trust no one, trust no one...

Curse you, Jaybird. Now "Cat's In the Cradle" is ruined for me. Third note to self: Do not trust any of those Dave people. I think we all know what untrustworthy sorts hang out on this blog.

Yes. I'm a slow learner. I'm... well... slowly figuring that out.

Sigh. I'm going to go look at some rocks.

curses! aaaargh. was that the trick part of trick or treat, since you cant give us all some decent candy??? grrr.

For the first time ever, I didn't click the Manilow link.

Of course, my smug feeling is slightly tainted by the fact that it took me this long to figure that one out.

Jamie - pix, por favor?

Also, as promised, here's a Halloween picture of Britney and Kevin, as rendered by my hubby & me after several apple martinis. *shudder*

What a low-down dirty trick. I was about to eat lunch!

CRAP I fell for it.
ARGH. Thats the second time in a row.
I never fell for it before.

Jaybird~ He's gotten kind of scary looking since he was in The Happiest Millionaire. Based on that role, I used to think he was hot. Didja have to shatter my illusions? :-)

Dave??!!! What did I ever do to you? I read your blog entries. I gush openly about your greatness. I laugh at your musings on life. I worship you from afar...


I think I'll just go hide in the corner with my box of kleenex, and sob now.

Jaybird, I don't even know what to say. That was soooo bad. I really like that song, too. Or, I used to.

Ugh. You'd think I'd learn.

Witchiecoo - Happy b'day!

What did that entail exactly? Black turtleneck, cell phone and gun to shoot people in the thigh?

jeff - yep. that it did.

jillywilly - i didn't take a whole lot of pictures except imitations of a creepy doll the host had. i promised i wouldn't post the imitations on the internet, too, because most of them were pretty retarded-looking. sorry.

There's a simple scientific answer to this, similar to controlling animals by introducing exotic predators. Just let Kurt Cobain loose tonight and he should take care of the problem with no danger to the children. In fact, if we're lucky they'll finish each other off and we won't have to hunt down, capture, and unleash Elvis to keep Kurt in check.

Saw a documentary of Bette's life--he started out as her piano player. What's really a kick is that my daughter, who is just thirty-something, loves this guy, and her husband loves her. To prove it, he bought tickets to a show and took her for her birthday--now, that's true love if I ever saw it!

And just when I was feeling "buried" at work....

Here's an amusing factoid: The BMIFC (Barry Manilow International Fan Club) is based in Covina, California.

Now ask me how I know that?

No, wait. Don't ask. Just accept it for what it is, OK?

(Who recently discovered his Barry Manilow "One Night Live!" playbill in the trunk of his car)

Now Playing: It's a Miracle

jamie - Whoa. That doll is kinda Chucky meets Mrs. Beasley meets a blow up doll. Disturbing.

Well, I, for one, was not fooled for even a moment ... and after reading the first two posts, I knew I was correct in not clicking on Dave's Halloween trick ...

Dang it, I fell for it. But only because I'm using a Mac and there's no helpful URL at the bottom of Safari when you hover...

Jedi Weasel--- Safari, version 2.0! If for no other reason than to not be fooled by Dave Barry! :D

AAAHH!! Stop scaring me like that! Now I'll never get to sleep tonight!

Jillywilly -

Platinum blonde may not be a natural color for you, but at least you have the figure to carry off your parody. Cute & funny!

I fell for it (again.) sob. AGAIN. ME! again.

jamie - WHO came up with the idea of a lascivious baby doll? WHO? It's horriffic. eeeeeeeeew! Brain bleach! Over here, please!

I decided to face my fears head on, and actually delved deeper into the horror that is barrynet (mostly because I thought I saw signs of bad plastic surgery and I wanted to see if I was right). Barry's had something done, but I can't tell what. I can say for sure, however, that he needs to fire his makeup artist. No one's face is that color of orange naturally, especially when their hands are a pale peachy pink.

I always knew a day would come when another [variation of] "Tamara" would appear.

And so, hence-forth, I shall be known as:

"The Attack Squirrels" WBAGNFARB!

That doll is kinda Chucky meets Mrs. Beasley meets a blow up doll. Disturbing.

jillywilly - agreed. we thought it was disturbing too (which, i think, is the whole reason my friend bought it) and then i felt compelled to take pictures of everyone imitating it. they were hilarious, to say the least.

also, we were all slightly intoxicated. and dressed like pirates, jolly green giants, etc. you get the idea.

halloween happpyyy

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